Killer M1 A Network Card or perhaps a Stupidity Test

Computers frequently end up the playground for more than-over-blown tech – it’s nearly as if producers believe players tends to buy anything should you pressure enough marketing lower their throats. Almost. Signal the most recent inside a lengthy type of interesting ideas made flesh with the hope of creating a good buck: Bigfoot Systems Killer NIC.

Its premise is interesting: offload control over the Home windows network stack in the CPU and prioritize UDP gaming traffic in devoted plastic. This releases the CPU to focus on more essential frame rate-improving stuff, as well as enhances ping occasions. This is the theory a minimum of used things aren’t quite as exciting…

We attempted the credit card in a set of machines – our prime-powered test rig, as well as an older machine that will almost cost under this card. The very first machine received no apparent enhancements, as the enhancements in the second were uninspiring as you would expect. A marginal rise in frame rates (from 53fps to 57fps in WoWBattlegrounds) and slight improvement within the ping occasions (from 155ms lower to 140ms) hardly got us excited.

We could not place any alternation in Team Fortress 2, Quake 4 or Cod 4 however. That’s lots of cash for any couple of more frames, particularly when it is just likely to affect network play. That money’s much better allocated to Processor chips, video card and RAM. And when for many unfathomable reason, you’ll still such as the seem of the card, a minimum of choose the cheaper K1 rendition. The core’s which is 333MHz instead of 400MHz, however this will not affect being able to do its job.

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