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Early existence and ordination Born in Pretoria, Dowling was ordained a priest from the Congregation of the very most Holy Redeemer, more generally referred to as Redemptorists, on This summer 9, 1967. Bishop He was hired Bishop of Rustenburg on December 2, 1990, receiving his episcopal consecration on The month of january 27, 1991 from Archbishop Denis Hurley. Sights Condoms and Aids He’s most widely known for his position that condoms should be employed to prevent Aids transmission, a situation he first introduced in 2001 in reaction to some question with a Catholic news agency reporter throughout a conference from the bishops’ conference in southern Africa. After proclaiming that the bishops’ conference hadn’t taken a situation on condom use, Dowling was requested his personal opinion, and stated he thought condoms should be employed to avoid the spread of Aids. It was broadly construed as contradicting the state stance from the Catholic Chapel, which opposes the promotion of condom use, whilst not getting an absolute, recognized policy on people using condoms for that precise reason for safeguarding themselves against Helps. In private conversations the papal nuncio to Nigeria told Dowling he had strayed in the official line. The Southern African Bishops Conference also referred to condoms as “an immoral and misguided weapon” in fighting against Aids, quarrelling that condom use may even let the spread of Aids by marketing extramarital sex. For his stance about this matter, Utne Readers, a U . s . States magazine that delivers “alternative coverage of politics, culture, and new ideas”, named Dowling certainly one of its “50 Visionaries Who’re Altering the planetInch. New translation from the Mass liturgy Dowling seemed to be critical from the premature application through the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference from the revision from the British translation from the Mass liturgy and that he objected towards the revision itself, which in fact had received the Holy See’s confirmation after being decided on by British-speaking Episcopal Conferences: “I’m concerned this latest decision in the Vatican might be construed as the second example of what’s perceived as being an organized and well-handled taking apart from the vision, theology and ecclesiology of Vatican II.” References ^ Lindow, Megan (2005). “European Heroes 2005: Lives within the Balance”. Time. . Retrieved 2007-04-23. ^ Catholic Cardinal: Condoms really are a esser Evil ^ The reality regarding Condoms ^ Helps Crisis Shapes Bishop’s Stance ^ Nolen, Stephanie (7 April 2007). “South African bishop defies Vatican on condoms”. Globe and Mail. . Retrieved 2007-04-23. ^ Visionaries Who’re Altering the planet ^ SAfrica protest over new Catholic Mass translation ^ Letter towards the Southern Mix Exterior links Info on Dowling, from vde Groups: Living people

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