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In Barcelona, ??MWC 2012, and again today brought inside a heavy Mengliao, Microsoft launched a juicy bags preview form of Home windows 8 customers in the show (the customer the Preview, juicy couture outlet online Clubpenguin). p>

This is actually the second major discharge of Home windows 8 items course, in September this past year, Microsoft launched Home windows 8 developer preview version (Developer Preview), in comparison towards the previous version, customers possess a more Preview more features and much more sophisticated consumer experience.

You can by evaluating the prior Home windows platforms, see juicy couture tracksuit the Home windows 8 changes, it not just concentrate on the optimisation from the touch operation, but additionally further boost the consumer experience of mouse and keyboard operation.

Home windows 8 new introduction from the Metro UI interface, this interface could be stated that Microsoft’s entry in to the area of mobile Internet killer, the prior developer preview version, we’ve proven indications of the Metro juicy couture train situation UI, launched today, customers juicy couture footwear Preview this interface is much more mature. So, inside a Pc Tablet platform, Home windows 8 exhibit the way the charm?

Today, we are the initial downloaded towards the preview form of Microsoft Home windows customers, and can do the installation around the Samsung Series 7 Slate Pc Tablet, through this platform, we have a look at Home windows 8 provides for us the eight exciting consumer experience .????

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