Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil Issues Illegal Search Warrant

Lawrence J. O’Neil is really a federal district Judge, formerly operating as federal justice of the peace and just before his appointment as federal justice of the peace he would be a Superior Court Judge in Fresno, California. He was hired to become a district judge by Leader George Rose bush, in 2007. And earlier career like a officer between 1973 and 1976. Now, he’s belong to speculation during the last 5 years, since his appointment, in relation to certain insufficiencies regarding consistency within federal law. Insufficiencies within law aren’t exactly ‘mistakes’ that may be pertained to everyday occurrences. When ready of authority, if mistakes occur, we are able to determine they can’t be that simply pardoned. However, when these simple mistakes appear in becoming numerous misguided choices, then it’s fair to determine that such -mistakes’ may be understood when known to when it comes to corruption. This is actually the oncoming of various investigative documents on Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil who we’ve the authority to question when it comes to his viability as federal district judge, meaning he serves for existence and can’t be fired, as long as h keeps good behavior, it his good behavior that is under consideration.

Probably the most predominant functions of corruption seems in the misguided actions regarding an “Uncommon Search & Seizure in Breach of 4th Amendment”, released on June seventh June 2006. Around the seventh June, 2006 Judge Lawrence J O’Neil was the government justice of the peace judge who released searching warrant regarding an Atwater and Bakersfield family, (informally known to because the accused herein). His decision to problem searching warrant breaks simple legislation mainly with the fact the warrant reported no federal violations because the reason for search for the defendants’ property. This search warrant thus remains indicated as illegal. His decision to problem the warrant was underneath the implications of tax evasion by itself, the search warrant didn’t indicate such federal violations. Looking warrant didn’t make reference to any affidavit (a sworn or oath of fact) according to the breach and reason behind looking warrant, nor were the accused spoke of any federal violations regarding the reason behind looking warrant. The defendant worked out their to silence and didn’t disclose any information relating to the breach associated with a federal law.

In addition, the illegal warrant reported an expert to get any document found computerized equipment, software, bank particulars, phone and address books, records and rolodex cards from 1999 to the current (eighth June, 2006). However, the warrant becomes inexcusable when this is observed. The warrant mentioned that any document related or unrelated towards the accused might be grabbed, and in addition documents of -persons or organizations unknown’ and -names unknown or organizations unknown’ may be grabbed (1:07-CV-0620 AWI GSA, federal court eastern district California). When we take this in the simplest form, we realize that Judge Lawrence J O’Neil essentially gave illegal permission for federal agents to go in the home from the accused, unlawfully under colour of federal law, essentially take what they have to wanted (and that i cannot stress anything enough in cases like this), owned by anybody, be their names reported around the warrant or otherwise. The net of corruption stems further whenever we understand the legislation overlooked through the federal agents. Regardless of the apparent illicit character from the warrant, with persons or organizations unknown and names unknown or organizations unknown reported, the agents must have declined the warrant based on its illegal status, which a minimum of 10 were active in the search. Simple associations might be made that Judge Lawrence O’Neil was possibly a little more involved during this search warrant than his legal status permitted. I shall let your own intellectual understanding to consider the thing you need in the previous statement.

The defendant within this situation, was exposed to some raid instead of the greater generally assumed act of the search. The government agents -forced’ their distance to the home possessed through the defendant by pressure with guns attracted in line with the illegal warrant. The accused were then exposed to some extended search from the property, held hostage at gun point, and various products were grabbed. The agents rumbled with the defendant’s daughter(s) and wife’s under garments and private possessions. Despite the amount of invasion and it is connected relationship using the 4th Amendment, this warrant was, but still continued to be illegal, as it didn’t indicate any federal statute most probably being violated, didn’t specify the products to become grabbed, didn’t have affidavit nor was an affidavit known to, (simply it had been an unlawful fishing expedition). Consequently, the defendant filed a motion to retrieve their home on This summer 3rd, 2006. However, exactly the same Judge, Judge Lawrence O’Neil, the justice of the peace that released the illegal search warrant around the defendant’s property, refused the motion showing he saw pointless why looking warrant was -unlawful’.

At this time, it is essential to say that although like a federal justice of the peace Judge Lawrence O’Neil had the legal right to problem looking warrant, he most definitely doesn’t have the legal right to rule on its validity or around the return of grabbed property.

Alas, Judge Lawrence O’Neil further refused return from the property in the government, because he declared the defendant had unsuccessful to fulfill the discretionary levels as needed through the jurisdiction. Judge Lawrence O’Neil, therefore mentioned the defendant wasn’t titled towards the return of his property because he had not given legitimate reason towards the government to fulfill their decision for return.

The motion 1:06-sw-00147 LJO, as determined and signed by Judge Lawrence O’Neil also states the government doesn’t agree that there’s whatever reason the defendant would suffer harm in the denial from the motion, the defendant comes with an sufficient remedy from the law which he is doing agree the government behaved by any means which was -callous’ regarding the accused legal privileges.

In cases like this, Judge Lawrence O’Neil is proclaiming that he declines the movement due to an sufficient remedy from the law, but doesn’t condition an equitable remedy. Surely, the mere proven fact that the warrant was illegal is equitable? He finishes the motion by proclaiming that you will find no fundamental elements which permit a legal court to visualize equitable jurisdiction. Is Judge Lawrence O’Neil failing to remember the illegal search warrant? There’s without doubt that it is really an equitable fact. Regardless of this, the main supply of corruption in cases like this is the fact that Judge Lawrence O’Neil, at that time, a federal justice of the peace, was without the legal right to deny a motion to come back grabbed property from an released search warrant. In addition, the defendant did actually give equitable details as evidence for that motion.

The defendant had given the best reason behind the return looking was an unlawful search, behaved upon by an unlawful search warrant, provided by an unqualified justice of the peace. So, the justice of the peace Judge, Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil, made an unqualified decision, around the status of the illegal search warrant and also the motion was as a result refused and therefore purchased (1:06-sw-00147 LJO, eastern district, Fresno, California

Let us evaluate this in additional simplistic terms. Judge Lawrence O’Neil was without a federal breach regarding the problem searching warrant from the defendant’s property and therefore the warrant is against the law onto it is face. The government agents instructed to handle looking didn’t seek clarification around the apparent illegal aspects of the warrant (particularly the warrant mentioned no federal breach like a suitable for admission to the home and permitted for anything known or unknown). Once the motion was filed through the defendant for that return of property which was rightfully his coupled with been unlawfully obtained from his property around the eighth June 2006, Judge Lawrence O’Neil couldn’t justify that any violations of law in relation to warrant have been mad – yet he wasn’t capable of choose to. Judge Lawrence O’Neil refused the motion based by himself condemnation of the risk of any harm from the accused. Judge Lawrence O’Neil refused the motion with an sufficient remedy of law – no equitable one (he seems to possess forgotten the illicit status of his search warrant, which he wasn’t capable of validate it). Judge Lawrence O’Neil refused the motion because he mentioned the federal government didn’t act callously – so that as aforementioned, he was without any authority to do this.

Why did Judge Lawrence J O’Neil, makes such blatant gestures of corruption? Basically energy, otherwise a little a narcissistic personality. When we relate it to his earlier career like a officer between 1973 and 1976, then possibly he feels in their elevation with the ranks, he has some right within the law, that others don’t. Was he not aware of his status, what justice of the peace Judge? When we contemplate it when it comes to definition, he’s there to supervise judicial proceedings from a neutral manner, to create choices based purely upon official law and never those of Judge Lawrence O’Neil Law. Like a Judge, his investigative streak will be worked with through the federal officials who should perform within legal limitations, not in almost any which way they please. Possibly, if Judge Lawrence O’Neil thought about being the initiator of these functions, he must have remained inside the police. Although, with your disregard for that law, possibly a job which facilitates what the law states, in only not every that suitable for Judge Lawrence J O’Neil. Regrettably, however, Judge Lawrence J O’Neil still remains an acting Judge within federal eastern district, Fresno California.

This short article highlights only the tip from the iceberg of a number of corrupt, dishonest and conflicting functions of , which should be referred to at length within the coming days. Please contact investigative reporter, , Esq, Colorado Springs, Co

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