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Mrs. Sushila Bohra is really a famous social worker giving her valuable services to a lot of Social ,educational and religious Institutions. She’s Founder Leader of Netraheen Vikas Sansthan (A College for Blinds ) , Bal Shobha Sansthan(An Orphanage home) ,SamgraVikasSansthan ( A khadhi Institute ) , Leader of Gandhi Peace foundation Center , Founder Honorary Secretary of – SAMBAL – (An institute for self employment of ladies) , Controlling trustee of Parasmal Sushila Bohra Charitable Trust, Executive Person in Hard of hearing & Dumb School, NavjeewanSansthan( A Destitute Home )andJodhpurNagrikSociety – Jodhana- . She’s continued to be Honorary person in Rotary Club of Jodhpur and Joint Secretary of Mahaveer Worldwide .


In thefield ofEducation she’s remainedFounder PresidentofMahilaShikshan Vihar, Jalore ( Literacy of adult women), being employed as V . P . of Jodhpur Adult Education Center .She’s continued to be Executive person in Lok Jumbish Parishad,Jaipur , Jodhpur Adult Education Society and District Literacy Society . She’s also continued to be person in Senate ,College of Jodhpur around 1981-84. She’s devoted herself within the area of faith also giving her services as all India Convener ofSwadhyay Sangh , Jodhpur .She’s alsoremainedDirector , All IndiaJain Ratna Shravika Sangh,Leader AnuvratShikshan Sansad, Vice Presidentof All India Hiteshi Jain Shravak Sangh etc. At the moment she’s also becoming Leader of Samyag Gyan Pracharak Mandal,Jaipur also. She’s been priviliged by becoming first women office bearer as V . P . on most prestigiopus 100 yearsold institution of Jain community” Oswal Singh Sabha ” of Jodhpur in year 2003.

Because of her above good servicesto the Society in particular,she’s been honoured several occasions through the District Administration, at Condition and National level including by National Award for good work with welfare of Handicapped by Hon’ble PresidentShri K.R.Naraynan at New Delhi around 1993 . She seemed to be granted Sadguru Gyananda Award-2001 on 16.02.2001 at Chennai and Mahila Shakti Purskar-2001 by Government of Rajasthan on eve on Worldwide women day on 08.03.2001. National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), New Delhi has additionally honoured her by providing Exclusive Hellen Keller Award, 2003. She has additionally been honoured By ” Marwar Ratna Samman ” by Pali Mandal , Mumbai on 28/3/04 . Other social and religious institutions at District , Condition & National level also have honoured her every once in awhile.

She’s also continued to be District Governor of Lions Clubs Worldwide for that year 1999-2000 the only real lady Governor throughout that year from 1.5 lac Lion people entirely asia . On her meritorious operate in the area of Lionism severalAwards & Appreciation Certificates happen to be provided to her every once in awhile including six time from Leader ofLions Clubs Worldwide.

Affected by her amazing services towards the mankind , Small Industries Development Bank asia (SIDBI) backed her reputation for 30 days special training on – Finance for Micro Businesses – at Cranfield School of Management,London in 1993. After that she’d extensively traveled through Europe, to understand the Socio economic condition particularly of ladies of Western nations. She’s also extensively traveled USA and East Asia for training programs and lectures.

Founder : Mrs. Sushila Bohra (Boss)

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