Ji a o setwill ‘t be a lot of

The 270th chapter Binglai stop water to soil cover , Catherine Xi a osister ,this really is around the mario the least here we are at customs clearance of the raiders . Rebecca will possess a copy of Ji a oto Catherine .

In in the morning found the organization ,this Rebecca was acquainted with her work ,after which rapidly got a method ,that is a positive thing for the organization .Rebecca within this aspect strength can also be quite strong ,as her abilities of the overall game .

For this, Catherine is without doubt the area ,but soon passed undetected ,but his side don’t have any such items like business intelligence .The Noah ,deposited at work there’s probably to obtain information .

.. … It’s false ,is got ,result are only able to be considered a tragedy — they would like to study not out .Nowadays Catherine continues to be busy confused and disoriented ,so she informed his work progressively unlatching .

This is actually Catherine strategy .Take proper care of each and every factor personally outcome is like Zhu Geliang dead ,this is actually the essence of Catherine .Because be everything to any or all Ji a o gaveeditor ,so by noon ,Catherine also progressively decelerate .

– troublesother people more work .Although hard ,but in the end, Catherine to pay for a great deal, but this type of magazine for most people it’s a Y Uhu.Now magazine began at the start ,so individuals are still feeling J i.

It makes sense in Catherine towards the staff room, only Catherine ,Ailsa and Leyra here .For Kaine ,he was obtaining Ada road .Because don’t have any classes within the mid-day from the relationship ,Ada heard Catherine prepared with your the sunday paper ,you need to come ,since it is within the Losangeles .

To are available in here and don’t need a lot of time . This rebecca … … Well, an unusual feeling ,he might really have trouble … … Once inside, the Leary pull will m nlock ,after which stated .

It may be ?Everybody appears to possess no feeling . Catherine remembered all Rebecca attitude ,seem to be … … Also t ng Ji . She shouldn’t corporate espionage ? Catherine felt themself appears to possess no worth through L news.

There might be others ,for instance … … The KGB? The KGB? Don’t say, it’s possible .The final into their own company ,purloin reasons for Internet information ,Catherine so far it’s still fresh i believe .

However, it doesn .If wish to steal his KGB company information, shouldn’t be in target lock magazine ?Catherine would never know that they is the goal … … Simultaneously , Rebecca also catch m o Catherine.

Catherine and she or he experienced through the general NV children much less, she will almost be stated to become dedicated to the job .However it appeared she and NV strongman concept some prejudice, Rebecca really bad judgment, Catherine ought to be a how person .

She even Speculating swallow could it be right? Really effective to Catherine ?This Rebecca task is so far as possible the analysis of Catherine data ,and also the other near .Another would really like what type of a guy ,and also the superior will be sending to spy .

Within the good reputation for the Ussr , swallows repeated crime ,this isn’t a tale .Due to this ,their action code known as princess .However it appears to become some trouble .Beside Catherine attitude appeared to become different .

They don ,always naturally or half subconsciously by looking at her, making her feel strange, she didn’t consider themselves where storm L identity.But additionally due to this ,her plan was finally instructed to decide to delay ,she will simply be selected more compact ,which makes it easy to not show any irregularities .

Thump ,thump ,thump . Staff lounge m Nwas seemed ,after which her past m nopen . Oh ,Kate ,it’s good in came Ada ,but Kaine hasn’t come ,most likely towards the parking .Must.

Catherine smile .Ada Catherine was temporarily to not let her know, but Catherine doesn’t think that another will just forget . What exactly are you speaking about? Ada saw Ray handle required a sheet of paper ,they appeared to possess serious look .

Catherine then told Ada to rebecca . You’re the large game group ,just one NV ? Ada arrived work will go by the demo group ,it appears as though she inside for some time . they don’t get sound advice .

.. … Oh … … Leyra always think it is wrong ,but to state what’s the reason . The Way I feel it ? Ada also oddly requested . Maybe … … We’re brother recommended .The thing is, we’d not thought others what’s wrong ,however in be brother reminds after .

.. … Even though it is stated therefore ,but Leyra themself wasn’t believe .Catherine shook his mind ,because she all of a sudden thought themselves also appear to possess a moment to one another feel strange .

Acting . At this time around her all of a sudden from seem .All of a sudden ,Catherine with a feeling of feeling .She finally found one another some strange place where to ensure that is what it’s. When the other party continues to be acting so, this strange feeling can explain what’s going on .

She ought to be in acting … … A minimum of she isn’t serious plays her position s ,she when jobs are look around . Elsa observed nuanced, all of a sudden from the why . Here it is Catherine is also nodded her head .

Another people what’s ?She joined playboy is perfect for what ? Out of the blue ,the climate appeared to become quiet . Possibly there can be a spy? This should not be any commercial spy ?It’s the KGB? Or what? Ada heard Catherine referred to it again following the antecedents and effects ,make sure answer .

This factor likely to tell CIA ? number Catherine shook his mind , our private work is a good example ,another may be the KGB ,also cannot get our information .Furthermore, within the magazine there might be no information .

In by doing this ,everyone believe that some suspected Hu .Just at this time around ,Kaine arrived ,but he came following the first sentence is: Xi a osister ,your phone ,CIA . CIA searching for me ? It couldn’t be considered a coincidence ?He just spoken about CIA ,they look for a m n?ButCatherine still previously ,then acquired the telephone .

This really is Edson . Hello ,Edson Xi a osister .I’m Baduwa . Well ,Hello ,Mr. Baduwa .What must be in this hurry to locate me? Catherine really strange . Is actually about we obtain an intelligence .

.. … However I aspire to have the ability to explain this case along with you personally . not a problem .I to the organization . Magazine that may temporarily reserve ,Catherine immediately left here ,after which came back to Noah headquarters .

Since it is met with CIA ,so Ada these exclusion ,are only able to wait .Joined the area, Catherine found the face area of Baduwa s appears unlikely. I must request is when ? Catherine strange and requested .

The truth is … … We received information ,stated the KGB people wish to from your company to go in within you, and stealing data, the cool thing is for all of us authorities f u deficits,so It can be really vital that you you .

.. … There’s truly the KGB? Catherine is surprised . know what they’re ?Is really a male is NV ?What’s ready for which ? Catherine really wants to confirm things .Male. However it appears you will find nvx ngparticipated at the same time .

This time around they believe seems along with a princess code ,but we’re not as to the they are saying princess really describes what . Baduwa then stated: because someone doesn start ,we’re not able to act rashly and alert the enemy .

.. … Initially the individual doesn’t start … … Catherine is relieved ,Baduwa appears to love speaking with towed eight levels : … … But we can’t see whether another action continues to be released .

Catherine felt .Finally, Baduwa left Catherine ,and they collected here together . You stated , Princess … … What can it be? Catherine asks these to . Won’t be a current nick ? Ada considered sci-fi movie plot .

Maybe … … Refers to someone ? Leyra designed a aimless speculating .Towards the finish ,you being baffled how to proceed ,but don’t know what’s wrong .Catherine finally only allow companies to bolster security ,then let Kaine have a couple of MIB bodyguard and security .

Another ,Catherine tube .Fight fire with water. Ultimately things will mend. Besides ,our organization can’t due to a Xi a oxia ospy stopped developing ?Catherine wasn’t so nervous .

Besides ,their technology even by Soviet people away ,they dare inside a flagrant way inside and out Europe and also the U . s . States along with other free world sales ?Impossible and the and also the Ussr and also the socialist nations from the Ji a o setwill ‘t be a lot of ,both no interest dispute .

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