Japan Talking to Office is proud to announce the outlet of Singapore office

On 1 October 2012, Japan Talking to Office opened up a brand new branch in Singapore, headed by in your area-based Japanese expat Sunao Fujii. Using more than fifteen years of talking to and training experience, Mr. Fujii knows the various working behaviors, management styles and leadership methods of Japanese and non-Japanese. Mr. Fujii’s hands-on method, having a particular concentrate on cultural diversity challenges, is an ideal complement JCO’s values of interactive, practical and relevant training workshops.

-I’ve every confidence our new office in Singapore is a positive results precisely because Singapore is really a meeting point for a lot of cultures having a high understanding of the necessity to address individuals variations when you are performing business. Sunao Fujii is well-placed to use JCO’s techniques to improve the efficiency of companies dealing with multicultural teams within the larger South-East Asia region,- stated JCO founder and controlling director Olivier Van Beneden.

About us:

Japan Talking to Office has worked since 2006 to improve effectiveness within the place of work through conquering cultural variations between Men and women and Japanese. We provide in-house and open business workshops worldwide. Based in The city, Belgium, JCO has offices in Germany, holland, the United kingdom, France, Japan and Singapore.

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