Chapter-5, A momentary look from the Muslim Socio-cultural scenario of AZAMGARH District. By: Dr. Equbal Wajid]. Next morning I required my breakfast in JAMA MASJID, Azamgarh along with other JAMATI siblings and came back to Bilariyaganj. Nobody understood where I spent my evening except Abdul Khaliqe the guesthouse attendent, who requested me: -Kal kahan chale gaye the?- – Azam garh chala gaya tha!- – Koi hai keya whan?- – Rahega kon bus jama masjid gaye thae, raat when rahe.- Abdul Khaliqe requested anything in my experience. It had been Friday, the vacation in JAMIA UL FALAH. I required this chance to clean my Kurta Pajama and use it a rope to dry that I requested Abdul Khaliqe earlier. He explained I’m able to put my wet clothes around the rope. It’s no problem. After taking bath I felt position. Students in the campus and public outdoors the campus were approaching for the Mosque. It had been a large gathering in excess of 1000. The Mosque was full. We offered 4 rekaats of Sunnah Salah then consider the watch in the future on 1:00. Because it was 1:00 pm the scholars began their momentary look at risk. They desired to see today, who the guy from the match is. 5 minutes have passed i quickly saw a Maulaana discovered the steps for his speech. He was searching youthful in whitened Kurta pajama along with a Nadvi cap, placing a whitened cloth over his mind. He was Maulaana Tahir Madni of JAMIA TUL FALH, a popular teacher one of the students. He seemed to be highly regarded as from our community. He was known among the important clerics in JAMAT E ISLAMI.

The entire gathering was mindful towards the address. He spoke in Urdu. In the speech he referred to the aim of revealing Quran. He stated the holy Quran may be the last commandment of Allah for the entire mankind, not just for individuals who claim themselves to become Muslims. He stated it down to the Muslims they could bring the Quran towards the non-muslins. He stated the concept of Quran is veiled for almost all Muslims public because they never required this book like a learning book. They feel when they recite what their job is performed. He stated: –no-the task isn’t basically to see the Quran within the Salah or outdoors Salah, but it’s to understand its meaning and spread its messages towards the Non-Muslims.- He known as the scholars to face firm for that service of Islam, every time they may complete their study and enter their practical existence. He stated that lots of obstacles could are available in the right path but you need to proof her like a true Mujahid of Islam. Because he ended his speech the AQAAMAT was stated and that he headed the Friday prayer. After I returned to my mattress within the guest room following the Friday Prayer, some students found meet me. Maulaana Ismail Sahab always required proper care of me. He frequently accustomed to say: -Sab theek hai? Mere laieq koi khidmat ho to bataiyega.- – Nahien ,,, nahien-.koi baat nahien hai-. Sab theek hai-..- I clarified.

For supper Abdul Khaliqe introduced Biriyani, it had been special dish for Friday. There have been sufficient bits of meat within the bowl. After taking lunch I required relaxation after Asr Salah I had been taking pleasure in a sluggish -walk within the campus. I saw some instructors will also be walking very gradually around the eco-friendly grasses. The scholars were involved in playing. A number of them were playing football within the primary ground and 2 groups were involved in volleyball. Some students were heading out towards the market side. Going for a round from the campus inadvertently I entered the primary gate and walked towards the Bilariyaganj Market. Just near the Gate it had been a little stall, the patent Sambosa and Goshtpuri of Aamgarh District were offered here. I entered the stall, I saw near the road you will find more stalls venders can sell bananas, apples, grapes, and guavas. At one stall sugar stick juice was removed and was offered at rupees five for just one glass. I Bilariyaganj market there have been more shops of garments than every other item. Within the shop Types of folded printed clothes were calling the clients. As with Bihar, Sari isn’t a common out fit for Muslim women in Azamgarh. I saw the Shalwar Jamper culture everywhere. Just the Hindu women use Sari in Azamgarh, but frequently additionally they use Shalwar Jamper. Veil is a very common mandatory factor for Muslim women. No Muslim women is visible bare faced on the market. I saw Burqa all around the district.

In Bihar we still haven’t any example in almost any area that may be known while the 100% of Muslim women have been in veil. Like other very couple of places in India, Azamgarh District is one where 100%. Burqa is practiced one of the Muslim women. This attracted me an excessive amount of. Throughout my 3 years remain in Bilariyaganj, I observed that JAMIA TUL FLAH has introduced a really positive effect on the society. It effected positively around the collective consciences from the mass and consequently the Muslim community continues to be switched towards Islamic taste.

In Islam, sometimes the outer culture gets to be more essential for the society compared to inner. In my opinion that the revealed lady of the kind character, if she moves in open, would go to market and returns to her place without looking or speaking to anybody harms more towards the society than that who lives in veil, goes completely wrong, does wrong and returns to her house. The society is much more injured through the first type of the lady.

After I walked a bit more the dense population began. On the market I additionally found a Mosque just near the primary road. Somebody explained that Dr.Khalil’s house is incorporated in the primary market. The Blariyaganj market was crowded about. I saw some students of JAMIA TUL FALAH bewildering on the market, however they desired to go back towards the hostel till Maghrib. A number of them who saw me within the campus within two 72 hours were confused whether I’ll be hired like a teacher of I’ll be designated any non-teaching position.

After I be acquainted with BILARIYAGANJ within the future I found realize that he Ameer of Tablighi Jamaat in Bilariyaganj is Molvi Rahmatullh. He would be a watch maker within the Bilariyaganj market. Afterwards I did previously visit his shop regularly. He would be a gentle fellow, never spoke bad about JAMAT ISLAMI or JAMIA TUL FALAH. Although he was the Ameer of Bilariyaganj HALQA but he’d spent very little time within the road to Allah. I interceded my Maghrib Salah within the Bilariyaganj market Mosque, and meant to go back. The odor of meat Sambosa coming through the road side attracted me and that i sitting around the bench where everyone was taking pleasure in Sambosa and tea. The Sambosa was two for just one rupee. I required the risk of this cheaper rate finished my plate and moved to the. Campus. I saw the street communication from Bilaryaganj to Azamgarh is simply too frequent. Minutes to minutes it had been chain of Commander Jeeps coming on and on back and forth. The roads buses of all the sides of UP touch Bilariyaganj. It’s possible to have a bus from Bilariyaganj to Gorakhpur, Banaras, Dohrighat, Luknow, Aligarh, Delhi,Mirzapur, Jounpur, Basti, Mau and lots of other areas. Azamgarh may be the district capital of scotland- Bilariyaganj. Bilariyaganj was more famous because of the celebrity of Hakeemji. Hakkemji was among the famous medical practiceners in Bilariyagnaj. His fame had entered with other districts of Uttarperdesh and Bihar. He would be a nobleman. A philanthropist along with a devotee of JAMAT E ISLAMI. He was loved and recognized by everyone. He’d their own Hospital. He makes use of to prescribe cheaper medicine. They are saying he were built with a Dast e Shifa. Many chronic illnesses get healed by Hakeemji.

The Bilariyaganj market had its mixed population. In the western world side from the Bazar stands the actual Bilariyaganj village. The majority of the houses are constructed with bricks, and therefore are mostly stored not-plastered. Whenever I’ve passed the village lines, I discovered the majority of the Houses not-plastered. With that time after i was at JAMIA TUL FALAH the girls’ hostel was in the center of the village. Afterwards once the new girl’s hostel was built outdoors the village the senior girls’ classes were moved towards the new hostel and also the old hostel had been employed for primary section women.

An evaluation with Insan School/College and JAMIA TUL FLAH happening i believe. I felt it is much better that i can work on this type of place. I’d my intention to confess my elder daughter Kahkashan at JAMIA TUL FALAH within the coming session. I do not remember the way i covered the length in the Bilariyaganj Sell to JAMIA TUL FLAAH, as though within virtually no time I discovered myself in the primary gate. xxxx

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