is really a distant fifth castellan is heard .

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGod, the The almighty Wuzhai actually want to have to say is I kill you ! .

Love reading through but he just holds true gas confused ,not to be so humiliated .Before a lot of people ,from the Emperor Yu yelled I’m your boy ! , the greater shame ?Now he really wants to is that this factor ,the tragedy may be the he’ll be me boy .

Response from him once the hearts of grief ,it’s possible to imagine .Area fight stops ,are covered the belly laugh .Once they saw so idiot people ,today he’s lengthy experience .Even individuals bandits are intolerable, an appearance was shaking .

Otherwise for that fifth Zhaizhu ,are they going to chuckled loudest .This number of bandits is the fact that fifth castellan am idiot ,even when another four Zhaizhu were shocked, they don is when fifth castellan .

,you need to get rid of the animal ,that’s my boy ,even attempting to kill me ? Emperor Yu through the sentence, but when you so stupid boy ,I possibly could visit the Nederlander act . Poof – Wuzhai primary all of a sudden fell in the equine ,is really a bloodstream spurts out .

As being a junior shame so much ,he can afford ?His fifth Zhaizhu scenery to today, when exposed to this type of shame ? Today I I ! The primary Wuzhai couldn say I had been wrong ,if say he’d prepare the Nederlander act .

Individuals around him have reaction can’t see ,he is able to now all his anger on God plume .Watch Emperor Yu riding a whitened equine to succeed without stop ,fifth castellan is chased .Together with his imperial estate boundary strength ,short distance speed greater than a equine is extremely easy .

Dragon gun all of a sudden made an appearance in Emperor Yu ,he dropped his equine, but toward the Wuzhai hurry .Transporting a whitened impact, Emperor Yu Wan feet strength ,is really a bayonet to fifth castellan .

Highlight Dragon A golden dragon all of a sudden rushed out ,is facing the approaching fifth castellan .Di Yu strength from the weak ,as well as the equine, impact pressure ,the energy is elevated .Fifth Zhaizhu always forward ,Emperor Yu this trick is beyond his anticipation .

He didn’t think about really him an imperial estate exit out ,Jewa the Marquis exit strength of youth, even make the effort to fight him .Time is simply too short ,the Wuzhai hurry with machetes parry .

The Wuzhai hurry between your move ,didn’t produce corresponding strength .Finally ,fifth castellan was performed out .His mouth is dispersed with bloodstream, his look is filled with bad .Di Yuxian am angry he hematemesis ,now again so .

The blow he’s not really ready ,or how it will likely be by doing this .Fifth Zhaizhu right hands hands sword ,is gradually was up .When Emperor Yu was once more rushed over, don provide him some time to relaxation .

Poor Wuzhai primary just rose up, hurry to and broke .It’s a highlight dragon ,fifth castellan was again hit out .His heart more frustrating ,hasn’t been so frustrating fight .

Watch riding on the whitened equine of Emperor Yu ,fifth castellan just devoured him alive .But in the end fifth Zhaizhu fight experience, too late ,it is now ready .Even though this is hit travelled ,but he’ll be the quickest time for you to fully stand up ,after which from the .

The Wuzhai advocate sneered ,appear like Emperor Yu seriously wounded cases .No leader in. Fifth Zhaizhu still difficulties ,Jewa is assaulted yesteryear .A little dragon attack to fifth castellan ,the dragon a difficult is abnormal .

You never know fifth Zhaizhu how frustrating ,he already made the ascend to .But he didn’t think the Emperor Yu was at his in the procedure, adopted this type of fierce attack .In vivo by fast paced ,the Wuzhai primary hands sword can also be quick to swing up .

The knife mount surrounded within the area ,a dragon root be not able to face up to sustain the blows such fierce attacks .The attack of Di Yu made fifth Zhaizhu be surprised ,but fifth castellan is imperial estate exit bandits .

Are filled with vitality fifth Zhaizhu ,real natural strength bukexiaoqu .A dragon is finished, out of the box also found confidence fifth castellan .This fight so far ,the primary Wuzhai are humbled to hematemesis .

Searching in the golden dragons within their fallen perish ,and that he is worked up .Perhaps, the primary Wuzhai shouldn’t really excited .Along with a marquis exit warrior fighting ,just break Jingwu Marquis who moves, what’s so excited ?When the hammer isn’t damaged, it really is miserable .

However the fifth Zhaizhu always Biequ so far ,can urge Emperor Yu .He naturally excited .The whole area, no-one can understand his feelings .Fifth Zhaizhu excited not just ,but additionally very excited .

‘ ‘ ,don such moves one ,the a hundred trick I’m able to break .’ ‘ ,you’re no match for all of us ,your very best shot ,I selected it broke . Fifth Zhaizhu laugh ,he excited voice, even individuals behind the fight is heard .

However the Emperor Yu Zhaizhu fine fur on his is all of a sudden blew up ,his eyes there is a gun tip .It’s Emperor Yu again ,within the Wuzhai probably the most complacent, he was riding a whitened equine .

Fifth Zhaizhu again only made obstructing up ,this time around it’s more rash . Dragon fights within the wild ! Emperor Yu light from seem ,at the disposal of pike was constantly attack to fifth castellan .

A short time ,Jewa includes a 16 gun ,each gun is visit all measures ,there’s no bookings .The primary Wuzhai to now in a disadvantage ,but Emperor Yu didn’t your investment Wuzhai ,however the primary Marquis exit bandits .

Between a couple for any difference of 5 area ,this type of gap between your Emperor Yu can effect .When confronted with such intensive gun shadow ,the primary Wuzhai is tough .If it’s regular ,such moves though he cannot defeat the Emperor Yu ,but conserve a telescoped undefeated situation really is easy .

However he doesn time for you to prepare ,brash between next gun is difficult, and today also required the 16 gun .Most particularly ,the very first gun transporting a whitened equine directly impact pressure ,he hit the hematemesis .

Behind the 15 gun didn’t first gun badly ,however the first shot may have him .The Wuzhai primary was more frustrating ,that is in which the imperial estate exit using the marquis atmosphere can look .

Based on what he thinks ,should certainly be he ravaged the Emperor Yu .But the truth is quite contrary in the war ,so far ,he’d experienced the wind .The Emperor Yu before, he’s regardless to not think about now .

Before the duration of Emperor Yu 16 gun with in the end ,the Wuzhai primary hands sword is to blame .His sword is pretty good ,but nothing beats swimming dragon gun .The Wuzhai primary is stabbed out two wound ,his right shoulder correspondingly possess a hole .

A gurgling bloodstream flow internally ,his clothing is stained by bloodstream .It’s a bloodstream ejection ,the Wuzhai primary anger at God plume ,eyes filled with hate .Be considered a marquis Jingwu who hit into such ,from ancient to modern occasions is he going to b .

Boy of the bitch ,today doesn’t kill you ,can make my day is thundery discontinue ,soft voice !I and you’re feeling irreconcilable hate for sb. ,today you die or I die ! Fifth Zhaizhu eyes red-colored, was started through the oath ,he hates God plume was avenging the dying of his father will feel irreconcilable hate for sb .

So large ,fifth castellan isn’t hated an individual . The bandit orders ,put these folks to depart ,all produce stop .You’re it ,just it’s helpless ,although you now go is ,we won prevent you .

Sixth see God plume and fifth castellan castellan gone that far ,character won’t still intercept these folks .The primary fifth Zhaizhu situation wasn’t positive ,they have to go to assist the .

He is doing ,when you get it ,so why do we and also you play farmville .Fortunately, no dying ,or absolute and also the gang to battle the final fight . These people who also swears ,the expression of those bandits dissatisfaction .

The audience of bandits almost intolerable, but sixth Zhaizhu press to not allow them to fight ,they are able to only endure .This number of bandits checked out individuals people who went from their store ,however they get free from the street .

Take a look at individuals people who light ,they are simply hates to not hurry plus they play a game title . You don ,our task would be to resolve the killer from hell .This number of people who we don them, five now everything is not too good, we should hurry to assist the old is .

The scene is extremely noisy, therefore the Wuzhai master this sentence can also be moved sufficient effort to shout out .Not just the existence of these bandits heard ,is really a distant fifth castellan is heard .

Place your mother fart ,after i need your help ?Handling a Hou pole condition killer ,I simply a couple of strokes can he wiped out .Six should you nonsense, we are endless ! Fifth castellan anger ,sixth Zhaizhu have to say is indeed true ,but he really didn admit .

Be considered a marquis exit youth in to the site seem like ,he what face live . Killer hell ,I have to kill a jackrabbit !If today isn’t to kill you ,allow me to 5 days a thunder ! The Wuzhai calling large, the length can also be heard the audience of bandits .

Allow the Wuzhai primary hematemesis happen again ,the audience of bandits have taken care of immediately his call .Actually, the bandits simply to match the Wuzhai advocate it ,all bandits seemed to be accompanied .

The seem is known as a neat ,the voice is really a noisy ,the scene is really a spectacular . Killer hell ,I have to kill a jackrabbit !If today isn’t to kill you ,allow me to 5 days a thunder !

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