Is History Repeating Itself

About last year I released articles entitled -2102, Nostradamus, Mayan Calendar, My Dear!’ The content would be a light-hearted consider the year 2012 plus some of their inauspicious forecasts. Quite remarkably, it continues to be acquired and released on 100s of web sites and blogs in the last 12 several weeks and that i constantly receive email from visitors and website owners all over the world advocating me to create much more about this quickly approaching year (it has additionally been plagiarized to the stage of absurdity). As the curiosity about my 2012 article is both encouraging and flattering, I believe the prosperity of the piece really indicates two simple facts: 1) As with every good doomsday situations, 2012 does possess enough authenticity to raise it past the arena of obsessed musings, that is passing on momentum and mystery, and a pair of) individuals have a passion for stories associated with disaster and catastrophe, and also the internet is just about the vehicle that has moved this fascination right into a full-blown obsession. Let us take a look at each consequently.


Among other associations both absurd and reasonable, 2012 is progressively connected with changes under the sun and cycles of celestial physiques. Indeed, the Mayan calendar (that 2012 musings owe their roots) is primarily a measurement of celestial and natural cycles. The traditional Maya thought that of existence is basically cyclical, which time is cyclical. Consider it, the times (day and night), the times of year, time, and so forth, have the ability to their roots in cyclical actions: our planet cycles around its axis allowing the days, as the moon cycles round the earth allowing the several weeks, while both concurrently cycle round the sun allowing the years, and so forth. The body follows natural cycles too: human pregnancy is cyclical as well as existence follows a cyclical formula: birth, growth, maturity, decay, dying, and also over again-ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Some time and reality are basically cycles within cycles, thought they Maya, as well as their calendar reflects this cyclical metaphysic.

However, we contemporary thinkers happen to be designed to think that point and reality flow linearly – yesterday before today, now before tomorrow, etc. – and our orientation to existence reflects this cognitive programming. While a linear orientation to time is helpful also it certainly allows us to to handle our busy lives, it’s arguable the Mayan’s were nearer to the reality: time is basically cyclical-also it repeats itself. Heard the old saying that the damaged clock continues to be correct two occasions each day?

Exactly what does this have related to the sun’s rays and 2012? This can try taking some explanation-

The sun’s rays is our supply of existence, the alpha and also the omega. With no sun, existence couldn’t exist, period so it’s quite logical that primitive cultures produced a mythology to worship this excellent supply of existence. Indeed, the sun’s rays may be the supply of untold miracles: it uses water (reflection), turns water to wine (sunrise), cures the sick (fever), boosts the dead (spring re-growth), travels with 12 buddies (the 12 indications of the zodiac, and also the supply of your horoscope), as well as holds a location of recognition within our cognitive construct each week (Sunday, your day of relaxation). Actually, most religious holiday season is really key events of sun worship. Christmas is within recognition from the sun’s rebirth following the December milestone from the winter solstice is arrived at Easter time and also the Passover recognize the sun’s -passing over’ the mid-reason for its rise beyond the spring equinox and the start of the harvest season (a large offer primitive occasions), and so forth.

And like several celestial physiques, the sun’s rays – our supply of existence and also the object of both adoration and fear – follows a design of cycles within cycles. The traditional Maya understood this, and we’re at the moment learning it.

The sun’s rays is presently tugging from a cycle of minimal activity and ramping up towards what many argue is a photo voltaic event of scriptural proportions. Without getting too technical, the sun’s rays follows a generally foreseeable pattern of photo voltaic activity symbolized by sunspots these cycles are known to as photo voltaic minimums and photo voltaic maximums and flux with an 11-year cycle (there’s time again-). A photo voltaic minimum is a period when there’s little if any sunspot activity on the other hand, an optimum is a time period of tremendous sunspot activity. Oddly enough, the following photo voltaic maximum is anticipated to peak within the latter area of the year 2102, oddly akin to the Mayan lengthy count calendar cycle ending date of 12/21/2012, an excellent Year the Mayan’s thought would finish inside a cataclysm of fireside. This maximum, argue many, is going to be probably the most spectacular on record.

What’s particularly interesting, and somewhat disturbing, is the fact that our sun can also be tugging from a time of prolonged lack of exercise – the absolute minimum which has both students and thoughtful experts mystified. Could this function as the calm prior to the storm? And when so, what’s going to that storm seem like and just how does it impact existence on the planet? Will the strange confluence of these cycles (and that i haven’t pointed out other cycles that finish around 2012) claim that our planet is around the cusp of the photo voltaic event of unthinkable proportions? It’s well recorded within the scientific literature that sunspot activity affects our planet in unpredictable ways- Shall we be available for any season of unparalleled geophysical, geothermal power and meteorological unpredictability? All ancient traditions, both dental and written, have tales of the great cataclysm by water (for example Noah’s ton) are these traditions really semi-coded alerts to later decades to become looking for that Sun’s next coming? Don’t let worry the last Mayan Lengthy Count Cycle ending was marked with a great ton and also the 2012 cycle ending should really mark change by fire?

Finally, could it be mere coincidence that there’s a bizarre rise in blockbuster movies about world-wide disaster associated with photo voltaic occasions, (It of Eli, 2012, The Knowing, The Street, etc.)? Don’t let worry?

2) Dependence on Disaster:

It’s arguable the internet is just about the pillar of manifest gloominess, and it has started the amplitude in our strange fixation with disaster by a purchase of magnitude. Indeed, this mania is becoming so profound within our interconnected world we have been compelled to produce a word to characterize those who share this collective obsession: Doomers.

And let us face the facts, -Dooming’ is addictive. Like internet porn, its presence is everywhere which is difficult to avoid. Not remarkably, 2012 is proving itself to be the doomsday narrative of preference, the pierce p resistance of Teratewaki. Hardly a big surprise truly the allure of 2012 is a mix of both its scale and variety, as much traditions and mythologies indicate this season like a significant milestone, in addition to a growing collective notion that -something is simply not right’. 2012 is originating in a perfect amount of time in the evolution in our species as almost everyone concurs that we’re coping with a time period of great challenge and alter. Previous forecasts of disaster were exactly that – forecasts of disaster according to values or probabilistic models (for example nuclear annialation or Y2K). 2012, however, isn’t nearly apocalypse or catastrophe, it comes down to the planet getting rid of itself. 2012 signifies the best come-uppins from Nature, and, oddly enough, lots of people check this out like a positive thing, or at best a just-deserved. Such as the mythology from the great ton because the wrath of the vengeful God getting rid of the field of evil, many believe we have all over again come full circle, or should I only say cycle. Hence, the growing recognition of 2012 like a year of great change, purification and turmoil.

Values in dates and disaster aren’t new, obviously, plus they have been in existence as lengthy as individuals have roamed our planet. Apparently, like sex, our passion for extermination is hardwired into our very DNA. Within my short lifetime alone (I am within my 40’s) I’ve had the pleasure of just living quite easily through multiple forecasts of catastrophe, from Y2K (exactly what a disappointment!), to nuclear holocaust-from 88 explanations why in 88 (the broadly-thought conjecture from the rapture in 1988), to Hail-Bop and also the much looked forward to return in our parent alien species indeed, their email list goes so on. Not remarkably, many of these forecasts get one factor in keeping, and it is the apparent – these were incorrectly. Laughably wrong. But that did not keep people from thinking inside them, sometimes fanatically.

But this is a proven fact that I really want you to meditate upon: you’re still here. Allow me to condition that again, and I really want you to see it gradually: I — Am — Still — Here! The actual fact that i’m contacting you today about dates and disaster should scream a really obvious and compelling truth to everyone who’re concerned about 2012: the possibilities to your benefit!

But present day dependence on apocalypse and 2012 differs. Why? Because today we’ve the means and also the technology to proselytize our fears to some broad audience and along the way stir a worldwide pot of emotional stew right into a collective mania. Today, any idiot (or scholar for your matter) can publish a properly-made but completely composed U-Tube documentary around the arrival of Planet X (this year) and arouse the fears of millions. Just before our interconnected world, dates of disaster and devastation were limited towards the groups that marketed them in order to the creative tools used to market them, but rarely were they as common because they are today, and except for Y2K, these were never global. Which, I submit, is the reason why the 2012 phenomenon so frightening and why you should be taking it seriously.

Eventually there really is a global cataclysm, this is a record certainty. But to visualize it’ll happen in your own life is pure ego, and also the likelihood that it’ll exist in 2012 is less associated with Mayan mythology, and much more to some collective (and dim-witted) unrealistic. Same with history repeating itself? Yes I am afraid it’s-although not a brief history of catastrophe. Rather a brief history of human gullibility and of a routine. We’re 2012, and also to the extent that people decide to accept is as true signifies doomsday, can we be underequipped to handle very real possibility the world might be cycling through very real changes, changes which are survivable when we will just stop fussing over disaster and begin balancing reason with readiness.

Kevin is co-founding father of, an Austin-according to-line business concentrating in , as well as for people, families and companies. The SurvivalOutpost philosophy would be to balance reason with readiness and also to encourage understanding, independence and self-sufficiency as tools to outlive within an progressively uncertain and unpredictable world.

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