Ipod device Nano, Touch24, iPad, apple iphone 3 GS Seem Quality Evaluation Report

Apple ipod device, apple iphone, iPad May be the seem today? There’s been debate, a lot of our rivals first examined the Apple player. Such as the Nano, Touch2 / 4, iPad and apple iphone 3GS, but regrettably not an excellent status Classic, this fight added later. Number of player on Apple hardware structure, this paper won’t repeat them, thinking about online access , have lots of relevant information.

In the contrast, make use of the low resistance high sensitivity of the kind of sleeping earplugs and individual easy they are driving mind putting on earphones, such as the innovation Aurvana Air, VSonic GR07, who walk H260 and UE TF10, earphones, use D2000, and join the K701, SHP9000 as reference.

Ipod device nano: low frequency full, can hear out more particulars, however the high frequency part contaminants are relatively strong. Relatively a couple of other product, Nano control the very best, this most likely using its output current related, like a pure player, do not need to think about the problem of an excessive amount of energy saving. Within the index calculating process, Nano performance know may be the worst, but because the benefits of driving forces, to compensate for the inadequacies within the index, helps make the Nano voice grew to become please, pay attention to the relative heavy feeling. Place the ipod device sounds to mac with to check the seem quality. Most of the related website can perform this seem quality score.

Ipod device Touch 2 / Touch 4 / apple iphone 3 GS: the 3 sentences seem is extremely similar, the excellence isn’t large, careful comparison, Touch 2 voice slants thin, so voice will show partial sharp feeling, within the Aurvana air with low frequency isn’t so great once the ear plugs, this weakness is going to be relatively highlight a couple of. And Touch while listening continues to be too thin, however the seem more clean, in certain high frequency wealthy instrumental music performance, may have a benefit. Within the three sentences between iOS products, such variations is extremely small, but when the mainstream in comparison rich in definition MP4, mtss is a couple of fashion player continues to be just a little advantage. Some MP4 output level and current greater, drive small ear plugs was triggered once the “driving pressure strong” appearance, however the seem from the three relative iOS products it’s clearly rough, burr apparent, seem levels not beautiful. The 3 sentences player within the drive is comparatively control earphones, for example VSonic GR07, dragon D2000 and UE TF10, maximum volume it appears to become to create some bad influence voice particulars, reduce a volume voice will more clean some, probably the most apparent in D2000, on.

IPad: iPad performance between your two groups, iPad and never due to the energy supply system and powerful for quality or driving forces of ascension. The seem from it Touch4 slightly under solving energy, driving pressure is slightly much better than the Touch 4.

Overall, this several Apple’s items are neutral seem, manifested in nearly tied, seem dull, very little bass, generally referred to as boiled water seem, ipod device Nano relatively high reason for the dyeing. For audio products, this seem is really quite good do not ever, a minimum of in seem style isn’t critical. In comparison to high-finish seem card, or player, Apple become these products and thin, skinny pay attention to sense the issue, the issue mainly because of motorists, therefore we test the performance of countless items exterior amplifier.

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