Introducing Yellow Azure – The Gem of The almighty Brihaspati . The Jewel of excellent Luck and Pr

Introduction of Jupiter according to sacred Vedic Zodiac Texts

Jupiter may be the biggest and heaviest planet within the photo voltaic system and is called the Deva Guru . Jupiter is offered the ministership one of the set up of nine planets.

The Jupiter is really a Sattvik and reaping helpful benefits planet, Significator of luck and fortune. Jupiter is male, disciplined, obliging, and divine.

It’s a gigantic, self-lighting planet, radiating more energy of computer receives. Brihaspati signifies knowledge, religion in human existence. This facet of Jupiter is extremely unique which all giving character guarantees that Jupiter is really a kind planet. The earth that accepts remedies done is appropriate serious and devotion talks concerning the magnanimity of Jupiter.

Jupiter may be the heaviest planet within the Photo voltaic System. It radiates more energy of computer receives

Summary of the Yellow Azure -The Jewel of Devguru Brihaspati

Yellow Azure may be the jewel representing the positive forces of Jupiter. Yellow Azure can also be known broadly as Pushparagam . It’s called -push raja’ in Sanskrit so that as -Pukhraaj’ in Hindi. In certain local dialects it’s also called the Peetmani.

Exhibit above is Jupiter Talisman getting fine unheated Yellow Sapphires and sacred Jupiter Symbol. Unique implementation of Jewel Therapy without compromising on Jewel Quality

Yellow Sapphires bring wealth to anybody who wears it, thus which makes it probably the most popular and advantageous gems one of the Navaratnas . It’s thought to enhance the financial status from the individual in addition to give her or him with wealth, a healthy body, fame, title, honor and success. Within the Indian culture Yellow Sapphires are regarded as auspicious, getting peace and wealth and making certain continuation from the family. Yellow Azure signifies divine sophistication.

Among the most secure gems, Yellow Azure may be the gem of understanding, auspicious wealth and loving associations and offers general well bring and spiritual understanding from the individual.

It’s true pointed out within the sacred texts that married women desirous of the harmonious married existence along with a happy family should put on a Yellow Azure for any harmonious and prosperous family existence as with the chart from the female native, Jupiter may be the significator from the Husband.

Advantages of putting on a Yellow Azure:

Yellow azure gives individual a healthy body, knowledge, property, durability, title, honors and fame and safeguards from evil spirits. It is among the best Gems especially throughout the educational existence. Students putting on prosper within their studies.

It removes the delay when it comes to marriage for any female indiviual. If there’s a blockage to get a appropriate match for a woman, she will get a appropriate match by putting on a yellow azure. It brings stability in married existence and also the individual is fortunate with children.

Besides getting rid of obstacles to get married and fixing discrepancy in associations additionally, it works as a favourite gemstone in Indian traditions because inside a Female’s horoscope Jupiter – the ruling planet of Yellow Azure signifies the husband as well as signifies all joys of conjugal bliss.

Yellow Azure unites separated enthusiasts, renders marital bliss one of the couple and guarantees beneficiaries.

The individual of yellow azure will get the understanding of law, ethics, wit, knowledge, pleasure of having issues, worldly happiness, Para physical bliss, physical energy, brains, lengthy existence, a healthy body, food grains, wealth glory and mental peace, intelligence, physical strength, a healthy body, better behavior, lengthy existence, worldly happiness and wealth in existence and benefits to beget a progeny.

Exhibit highlighting the desired Butter Yellow Color.

It is among the most advantageous Gems for individuals involved with creative and academic hobbies for example Authors and authors as Jupiter signifies understanding, advocates, lawyers and Idol judges because it signifies knowledge and businessmen especially from the buying and selling class because it signifies financial wealth.

A pure natural yellow azure jewel increases mental and physical strength, health insurance and durability of existence. It encourages marital bliss, birth of the boy, religious and related activities.

Healing/curative forces of Natural Yellow Azure

Medically it’s good at jaundice, throat infection, safeguards the livers, lung area, ears and bloodstream circulation, dropsy, wind, dyspepsia, abscess, disorders of pancreas, tumours, skin troubles, cerebral congestion, catarrh, circulation of bloodstream within the arterial blood vessels and body fat in your body.

Always put on an all natural, unheated and perfect Yellow Azure similar to the Dev Guru Brihaspati themself for the greatest results.

Things to Search for inside a Jyotish Quality Yellow Azure:

Much like Jupiter is Pure and Sattvik so ought to be the yellow azure to find the best results the almighty Guru needs to offer.

The 3 most desired colours within the Yellow Sapphires as referred to within the sacred texts would be the Golden Yellow , Medium Butter Yellow and lightweight Butter Yellow.

1) The clearness needs to be exceptional for any full movement of sunshine. Always target a clearness degree of above 90%. This is actually the benchmark for any Jyotish quality Gem.

2) The Yellow Azure needs to be fully treatment free. No warmth, no diffusion or dye for this to become even considered for Zodiac Jewel therapy reasons.

3) Target weight of minimum 2 carats and above. Correct weight shall rely on unique planetary positions and horoscope assessment. You are able to mix several small Gems of remarkable clearness and color to from the weight but don’t compromise around the first three parameters in the above list.

4) If above three the weather is met your Yellow Azure shall deliver results and benefits of The almighty Brihaspati.

Defects to prevent in Yellow Azure

Despite the fact that the sacred texts list several defects and also the resultant bad results of such defects I’m listing some fundamental negative defects that needs to be prevented absolutely. These may bring misfortune, sickness, lack of wealth and perhaps very adverse results.

a) Avoid Yellow Sapphires having a black us dot like inclusion inside.

b) Avoid Yellow Sapphires which have shade difference.

c) Avoid Yellow Sapphires with web like inclusions inside.

d) Avoid Yellow sapphires that lack lustre and color.

e) Absolutely avoid treated Gems.

Things to Shun Totally:

A large anomaly of dishonest trade may be the mass marketing of Diffused Thai Yellow Sapphires as Kanaka Pushya Raga. This is actually the greatest problem particularly in Southern a part of India for example Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai plus some industries in Western India especially Mumbai. They are gas colored Sapphires that provide zero recent results for Zodiac Reasons. Gas color isn’t Golden Yellow color as referred to within the sacred texts. They’re going through Lattice diffusion and therefore are inexpensive, non jewel grade materials. They’re no where Sattvik Vedic Gems.

In Northern areas of India, You should be careful for Dyed Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires in heavy weight for example 4-6 carats. You will find mainly whitened colored andthey dyed to create yellow. Simple contact with Sunlight can make them whitened. They’ll give bad results Astrologically. A lot of this is often utilized within the .

Subsitutes of Yellow Azure: Yellow Topaz and Heliodor give excellent results as Uparatanas to Yellow Sapphires. Top Quality Yellow Topaz is really a fast acting Gem and cannot be mistaken with Citrine. Citrine gives Zero Results like a Jupiter Jewel.

Prayer to The almighty Brihaspati

“The one that may be the Teacher from the Devas and Sages, the one that is radiant and intelligent, The The almighty of all of the three mobile phone industry’s, I prostrate before that divine teacher Brihaspathi.”

I dedicate this short article towards the Sacred Divine Planetary Gemology and my Guru – Guruji Shrii Arnav Raghav Hawa – A licensed Gemstoneuniverse consultant along with a core team member is another licensed Planetary Gemologist in the PGA Thailand as well as an Accredited Jewellery Professional in the Gemmological Institute of the usa Gem World

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