Intocircuit Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4 AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A


New Intocircuit Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4 Series Wise AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A , 3-Prong Cord incorporated. Hi-Quality 65-Watt Charger works best for Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4 (Shared Graphics) Series Entertainment Notebook PC, Warranty & Fast Shipping.


Intocircuit Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4 Series Wise AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A

– Brand: Intocircuit (R) – Model: 661-11005-01-41 – AC Input: 100-240V 50-60hz – Electricity Output: 18.5V 3.5A 65W(max) – Connector Tip: 7.4mm * 5.0mm with wise-pin – Please make sure the Electricity output and connector size matches your original adapter before buying

Package Incorporates

– 1 computers Intocircuit (R) AC adapter – 1 computers 3 prong AC energy cord – 1 computers Intocircuit (R) carry pouch

Compatible Model: Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4 Entertainment Notebook PC,

Hewlett packard Pavilion DM4t Entertainment Notebook PC,

DM4-1100, DM4t-1100 DM4-1150CA DM4-1160US, DM4-1162US, DM4-1164NR, DM4-1165DX DM4-1173CL DM4t-1200 DM4-1201US, DM4-1202NR, DM4-1203NR DM4-1250CA, DM4-1253CL DM4-1265DX DM4-1273CA, DM4-1275CA, DM4-1277SB DM4-2015DX DM4-2033CL DM4-2050US, DM4-2053CA, DM4-2058CA DM4-2070US, DM4-2074NR DM4-2153CA DM4-2165DX DM4-2180CA, DM4-2180US, DM4-2181NR, DM4-2184NR, DM4-2185CA DM4-2191US, DM4-2195US DM4-3013CL DM4-3050US, DM4-3052NR, DM4-3055DX, DM4-3056NR DM4-3070CA DM4-3090CA, DM4-3099SE Plus A Lot More!

More Information: Intocircuit – Circuit Experts

Intocircuit plugs are created through the world’s leading adapter manufacturer with high quality and reliability. To prove so, we’re proud to provide extended 24 several weeks (2 yrs) alternative warranty for the Intocircuit adapter — the very best warranty on market.


– Stylish: ultra-slim style and also the blue Brought indicator result in the Intocircuit adapter sticks out just like a music player – Portable: slim shape and light-weight helps make the adapter ultra portable Convenient carry pouch is helpful in traveling. – Durable: every model encounters 200 hour extreme testing to guarantee the adapter’s lengthy-term performance – Warranty: best-on-market 24 several weeks hassle-free warranty – Compatibility: 100% suitable for your laptop – Protection: multiple-lever overload, over-current, and short circuit protection – Efficiency: high energy conversion rate in order to save energy and become atmosphere friendly – Quality: minimum current ripple guarantees steady energy output — better feeds your laptop – Convenience: total 10 ft energy cord (AC Electricity) for your benefit

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