Intex Pumps, Faq’s

Possess some questions regarding your Intex Pump? Here are a few faq’s as well as their solutions:

Does or if the Intex Pump keep your pool walls and bottom clean? No, with proper chemicals and filter cartridge cleaning and alternative, the pump could keep the swimming pool clean from suspended water contaminants. When the contaminants sink, a swimming pool vacuum should be employed to clean the walls and bottom from the pool. Furthermore the Intex Brine Chlorinator and intex maintenance kits could keep your pool clean from algae and bacteria. If you don’t come with an intex saltwater system, you will have to add swimming pool water for your pool.

How lengthy must i run my Intex Pump? We advise circulating the whole pool water once every single day make reference to the table (Intex Filter Pump 530 gph frame and fast set pools very obvious model 603) or even the training DVD video that included your pool for operating time. You might extend the operating hrs based on water, ambient conditions and high pool usage. Note: we don’t suggest operating the pump in excess of 8 hrs each day.

Are we able to make use of the pool as the filter pump is working? Could it be safe? No, because of worldwide standards, the filter pump isn’t to become operating if pool is being used and/or occupied. All intex pumps are secure and also have complied with UL, CSA, ETL, and EN safety standards, howvever good sense is applicable that absolute safety factors are guaranteed by not getting it running when you’re inside your pool.

What’s the existence from the filter pump? Intex testing has determined Believed filter pump existence is roughly 2,000 hrs, that is about 3 summer time seasons of normal usage.

Does a filter pump need to be combined with my INTEX above ground pool? Yes, for clean reasons we advise a filter pump be utilized with all of INTEX 8′ or bigger above ground pools.

Water flow isn’t as strong as it was once, why? Look into the Problem Solving Guide within the User Guide. Most typical causes are: The filter cartridge. If it’s dirty water flow is going to be a smaller amount effective. Regular cleaning and alternative will eliminate this issue. The hoses. Look into the hoses for just about any pinholes leading to water leakage. The hose clamps. Look into the Hose clamps to be not looose, if they’re air can go into the system and suction could be reduced.

Can the filter pump be operated whenever a cover is around the pool? Yes.

Can One connect vacuum pressure towards the pump? Yes, the pump is made to be utilized with INTEX vacuum system (#58947/58948/ 58949/18947/18948/18949) only. 58947/18947 and 58949/18949 need a minimal flow of 800 gph (3028 lph), and 58948 needs a minimal flow of two,000 gph (7,570 lph). Check our Intex and Bestway Pool Cleansers section for those our pool cleansers which are appropriate for intex pools. The minimum flow rate needed is proven on each pool cleaner, just match this using the flow rate of the current pump to ascertain if it’s appropriate.

Can One upgrade my filter pump to some bigger model and just what must i do if I wish to upgrade my pump? Yes, you are able to change your filter pump to some bigger model. Make certain the hose fixtures are compatible. You will find two (2) hose dimensions, model 603/604/637/637R/638/638R use 1-1/4- (32mm) hose size (part# 10116 or #11149), and model 635T/636T/633T/634T/FP621/FP622/SF20110/CG Model 8111 use 1-1/2- (38mm) hose size (part# 11009). You’ll need two (2) hose adaptors B (part# 10722) when improving from 1-1/4- (32mm) to at least one-1/2- (38mm) hose fixtures. However, look into the pump before buying, typically intex now includes the adaptor B using their pumps that include the 38mm hose fixtures so you will find generally no difficulties with upsizing.

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