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You may be wandering the reason why your internet website is not receiving much internet traffic. In the end your internet site required plenty of financial and human assets, but regrettably like a lot of internet sites, it is extremely unknown and consequently it doesn’t get enough internet traffic to really make it financially viable.

Are you aware that about 80 % of web traffic arises from search engines like google? Yes, it is a fact! Listing close to the top page of search engines like google and acquiring the interest of the audience ought to be a primary priority for any site internet marketing.

And what’s promising relating to this is the fact that enhancing an internet site position in internet search engine pages might be accomplished for free. How? Using seo (Search engine optimization) techniques.

There many different ways to advertise an internet site. Some promotions are compensated plus some have the freedom. One of the free ones, the seo techniques allows internet sites being internet search engine friendly. Quite simply, it can make websites to simply accept the internet search engine crawler inside a friendly way. They is going to be a few of the steps one will need to use to acquire a stronger position searching engine’s pages, when looking for specific key phrases, associated with services or items provided by an internet site.

Seo steps for any web site:


The html Title tag is an extremely important element and should include the most crucial key phrases or phrases, which best represent the items or services provided by the site. It shouldn’t contain a lot more than 60 figures.

Key phrases:

The html meta Keyword tag must have all of the keywords and key phrases which best signifies the items or services provided by the site. Avoid repeating key phrases and bad utilization of capital letters. It shouldn’t contain a lot more than 250 figures.


The html meta Description tag is really a description of the site, which is displayed through the internet search engine. Make certain it consists of key phrases phrases. Avoid repeating key phrases and bad utilization of capital letters. It shouldn’t contain a lot more than 200 figures.

Key phrases in Titles:

Key phrases in Titles tags (h1) is going to be construed by search engines like google as being a definite important keyword relevant to the net page, and it ought to be sought out and listed in the search engines like google.

Web site text:

It’s a sound practice to incorporate informative text one every page, using natural language and appropriate key phrases. It ought to contain a lot more than 200 words. Informative text ought to be put into the html Body portion of the web site.

Key phrases in Alt Tags:

Every html picture -img- tag should contain an ALT tag by having an appropriate description. Key phrases ought to always be used when appropriate.

Key phrases in Anchor Tags:

Every html hypertext link -a href – should have a TITLE tag by having an appropriate description. Key phrases ought to always be used when appropriate.

Robots.txt file:

Make certain there’s a robots.txt file in your soul site directory. This can be a text file produced through the website owner, that will advice the search engines like google crawler when indexing an internet site.

You will find certain cases by which one may not wish to have some webpages indexed. By doing this through using robots.txt, you will have total control that pages is going to be indexed and distributed around the search engines like google.

User-agent: * Disallow: /tmp/ Disallow: /data/

Web coding validation:

Search engine’s spiders be efficient when indexing webpages without any html errors. Beware that some html errors could make internet search engine spiders to stop indexing webpages. So it’s suggested for individuals webpages to become indexed, tthere shouldn’t be html errors.


Links are important to search engines like google. The standard of links and whether it’s reciprocal or otherwise, are essential factors in evaluating the significance of an internet page. Links from internet sites with greater pr really are a plus.

Signing up with Sites and Search Engines Like Google:

It is crucial the registration of the website with sites and internet search engine internet sites. It’s a method of telling everyone around you that your internet site is available. Stay away from automatic internet search engine/directory registration.

Seo has turned into a extremely important group of methods which will help internet sites being more highly relevant to search engines like google. To acquire a rise in internet traffic will require a while. It most likely will require some type of additional promotion too. But anybody looking for greater internet traffic, free seo are his first option.

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