Input And Output Statement In C Language

Input : In almost any programming language input way to feed some data into program. This is often succumbed the type of file or from command line. C programming language provides some built-in functions to see given input and feed it towards the program according to requirement.

Output : In almost any programming language output way to display some data on the watch’s screen, printer or perhaps in any file. C programming language provides some built-in functions to output needed data. The functions which can be used for typing and creation of C Language are of two sorts:-

1)Formatted :- Printf() and Scanf

2)Unformatted:- getch(),getche(),getchar(),will get,puts


The printf function has been utilized broadly so far for output because it possesses a neat and simple method of printing text and amounts to stdout (the screen). Its title is supposed to signify formatted printing since it provides the user treatments for how text and statistical data should be organized on screen. Making text look great on the watch’s screen is essential in programming. C makes this easy by permitting you in deciding the way the text is going to be printed within the available space. The printf function has general form: printf (“string…”,variables,amounts)

It consists of a string (which isn’t optional) also it consists of a variety of parameters to follow along with: one for every blank area within the string. The blank fields are control sequences which can put in the string to become completed with amounts or even the items in variables prior to the end result is reproduced. These fields are introduced using a % character, then some coded information, which states something about how big the blank space and the kind of number or string which is filled into that space. Frequently the string is known as the control string since it consists of these control figures.

Scanf :

Scanf may be the input function which will get formatted input in the file stdin (the laptop keyboard). This can be a very versatile function but it’s extremely simple to fail with. And it’s also most likely the most challenging to know of all of the C standard library functions. Keep in mind that C goodies its keyboard input like a file. This will make a significant impact on the way in which scanf works. The particular mechanics of scanf are much like individuals of printf backwards scanf (“string…”,pointers) With an important exception: Namely that it’s not variables that are listed following the control string, but pointers to variables.

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