Inforamation concerning the 4.7-inch LG Optimus Nexus

It’s no more hot news for LG to produce a Google Nexus smartphone, but nobody knows any detail about its capacity featuring. Yet, some media reported this Optimus Nexus smartphone houses a 4.7-inch touchscreen with WXGA resolution, together with Insolvency practitioners Plus hard display screen technology. It’s stated this device is going to be revealed in November.

4.7-inch touchscreen

Sources originated from associates of Vodafone that LG will launch Google Nexus smartphone. The unit bears a 4.7 inches WXGA(1280*768) touchscreen and Insolvency practitioners Plus hard display screen technology, that will lead to excellent graphics effect.

One worth mentioning is the fact that although we’ve not know any information in accordance with its capacity featuring, it’s stated the device has similar capacity with this of Optimus G, the most recent device of LG. Which means some.7-inch touchscreen will combined with an in-cell touch panel and 320ppi pixel density, and arranged by RGB pixel as wel

Quad-core processor

Since it’s just like LG Optimus G when it comes to capacity, this means the LG Optimus Nexus will sport a Qualcomm S4 Professional quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. Additionally to supporting LTE 4G and having single.3MP front-facing camera, nobody knows whether it will likely be outfitted having a 13MP camera or otherwise. Yet, it’s expected that you will see a 2100mAh battery supporting 800 charge circles, whose batter existence is 60 % longer the present ones.

Based on media’s are convinced that there, a minimum of, is going to be one Nexus smartphone to become released in November. We do not know which brand can come in this area first, The new sony, Samsung or LG, but it’s without doubt that LG will publish google’s Nexus smartphone.

It’s stated that Google Nexus smartphone is going to be released by Samsung, LG and The new sony, whose product is going to be named Samsung Universe Nexus 2, LG Optimus Nexus and The new sony Xperia Nexus correspondingly.

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