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Alexandra Hospital – a healthcare facility noted for its service and private touch. At -AH-, we provide the most effective in patient care, including specialist services for treating various conditions.

Putting our patients’ needs before our very own, we’re constantly dealing with partners, volunteers, and more importantly, our patients themselves, to provide excellent service and care.

Eileen Cheah Lilian is really a Senior Staff Nurse employed in the Medical Ward at Alexandra Hospital. Eileen, what inspired you to definitely join the Nursing profession?

My mother would be a nurse. So in lots of ways, she inspired me to become nurse! After I was 19, I acquired a scholarship from Singapore’s Secretary of state for Health to review Nursing. And So I left my home town in Penang, Malaysia, and found Singapore to consider a Nursing Diploma at Nanyang Polytechnic.

I became a member of Alexandra Hospital upon graduation, and also have been growing within my career using the hospital in excess of 8 years. How has your career in nursing advanced with Alexandra Hospital?

I began being employed as an employee Nurse for that first couple of years at Alexandra Hospital, and then made the decision to focus on Geriatric Nursing (ie taking care of seniors patients) within my third year. Alexandra Hospital backed my studies to have an Advanced Diploma in Geriatric Care, and that i labored within the Geriatric Ward for four years prior to being marketed to my current role like a Senior Staff Nurse one in the Medical Ward. What’s your work like?

I am located in a 39-mattress Medical Ward for male patients, and that i profit the -Sister’ or Nurse Manager to supervise a group of nurses and manage the daily running from the ward. I additionally assistance to conduct staff training and am accountable for the rostering of labor agendas too. We focus on a spinning morning/mid-day/evening change basis.

Within our ward, nearly all patients usually are afflicted by AMS (changed state of mind) which condition frequently leaves them with no seem frame of mind. AMS patients may sometimes require restraint and also the challenge is to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves varieties in the end take care of them.

Nurses at Alexandra Hospital are supplied training to understand self-defence techniques like Aikido (Japanese fighting techinques) to ensure that we won’t only have the ability to safeguard ourselves but additionally have the ability to with confidence handle challenging situations with patients.

Additionally to AMS patients, we frequently take care of patients with pneumonia, lung, kidney and heart disease too. How can you find working at Alexandra Hospital?

Personally i think a feeling of pride and revel in being part of Alexandra Hospital. A healthcare facility strongly thinks in strengthening its staff by supplying us with possibilities for continuous learning and improving.

For instance, included in Alexandra Hospital’s HMDP – Health Manpower Development Programme – I had been because of the chance to take a 5-week exchange programme to work on two different hospitals in Kameda and Kobe, Japan. It had been an excellent chance to learn for me personally, when i not just handled to get japan language, but more to the point, got to discover their finest practices. After I came back to Singapore, I had been pleased to share my recently acquired understanding with my management and nursing co-workers at Alexandra Hospital.

Being a little of the technical, I additionally reach apply my understanding and expertise gathered through the years while serving on our Intranet Committee and focusing on other IT-related projects. For instance, we’re presently finding out how to make use of technology to create our daily procedures much more efficient via electronic means. There’s the BMS (mattress management system) where our nurses can view available beds and mattress-bookings instantly from the computer terminal.

And also to allow us to deal with work stress, Alexandra Hospital also runs PALS (Peers Around Lending Support), a private, peer support telephone hotline service for staff. The service enables staff to and talk to medical social employees for information, when they are facing problems at the office.

Different ways of p-worrying and looking after a great work/existence balance include staff activities for example gym workout routines, karaoke-singing, gardening, running and soccer.. Inside your opinion, what key characteristics should a nurse have?

1.Possess a service orientation to supply good customer support whatsoever occasions 2.Possess a caring heart that appears out for that patient’s welfare 3.Be industrious and prepared to learn 4.Have the ability-bodied and fit to deal with different patients 5.Be considered a team player to facilitate care 6.Be multilingual to relate easier to patients

What exactly are your future goals that you would like to attain with Alexandra Hospital?

I am presently studying for any 2-year part-time Nursing degree that’s backed by Alexandra Hospital. I am searching toward using my understanding and abilities to carry on supplying proper care in my patients, and also to grow Alexandra Hospital’s status like a world-class hospital too.

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