Indian wooden toys

India includes a wealthy cultural heritage and Indian wooden toys happen to be renowned , these toys are constructed with Ivory wood and colored with vegetable dye colors that are non-toxic and completely safe for your children These toys are beautiful, intutive and boost the thinking and imaging abilities of the kids they are an excellent gifts for the family members because they are safe and inventive these wooden toys are created throughout India and each part features its own distinctions

is Proud to brinf for you a multitude of wooden toys only a look away Funwood Games may be the Greatest shopping online portal for wooden toys, and gives you a great deal aof types of Intresting toys for your children

These toys also assistance to get the physical and moratary abilities of the toys The Colorful Plane, Steam Enginetakes your son or daughter directly into an inspired fariyland.

Children can enjoy using the Colourful Tops and also have a competition together Every boy likes to race his wooden vehicle and just what much better than a wooden racing vehicle the wooden rattlers and muscial wooden flutes assist in beginning the background music training of the kids Every girl would imagine getting her very own 5-in-1 Toy set

Toys like Wooden rattlers, Wooden dolls, foundations, trains, pull buggies are child’s closest friend throughout individuals crucial years

Different age ranges require different toys for mental, physical and social development of a kid. A 1 to 5 year kid can enjoy using the stackers, while a colourful abacus might help develop your pre-schooler child’s calculation ability

-Funwood Games-, deals with purchase of hand crafted wooden toys and crafts. The organization began this year with a team having common desire for hand crafted wooden toys. Funwood Games is situated in Mumbai, the financial capital asia

These eco-friendly education-cum-fun toys are only a look away. Search through our wide-selection of lucrative items and select the right for the child or as a present for the family members.

Search through our selection of classical, educational, activity and musical toys and nurture your son or daughter this too, within an eco-friendly way.

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