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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Basically don accept it ,very male don’t fight using the daughter ,I believe I had been a great guy ! Emperor Yu be poker-faced stated, not a way, when confronted with Luo Han smoke ,he’s no advantage, if real fighting together, he is not the Luo are rivals ,if he doesn’t try to escape ,Dong Jinghao needs to kill his skill ,Luo are naturally .

Love reading through but he and Dong Jinghao fight ,and never so bad ,in the end he’s done half star imprint ,but additionally with the bones from the dead ,whether physical or gods wish ,have marketed many .

If you and also Dong Jinghao fight ,won’t last so miserable, but best to not smoke ,cold war ,in the end he’s simply to be ravaged by existence ,fight he really loves ,masochistic ,didn the .

Yang Tian conscious long ago ,he’s felt bad weather coming, Luo cold smoke clearly isn’t the good speech person ,even when the Emperor Yu knave is most likely no role ,he could just for God plume silence .

I actually do you accept or otherwise ,for that ! Affirmed, Yang Tian feeling or otherwise, just how can allow the Emperor Yu Luo Han Yan ,she isn’t the opinion of Guan Diyu ,she also knows God plume to visit this truth is tough to change, otherwise ,will train him a lesson ,towards the day .

At this time around ,bloodstream and Rasetsu female also showed up here ,check this out situation ,a couple are a few surprise, but Emperor Yu and Luo are extremely good taste ,the pair of them look well . Bloodstream The almighty, please ! Luo Han smoke arrived on the scene having a beautiful table and three chairs ,she not just allow the bloodstream god sitting lower, will even Yang day got past here anyway ,just three of these ,to not give Yang day sitting gave who sit .

Someone else might be possible whatsoever, but Yang Tian doesn’t know whatsoever two crafting the term ,he sitting up ,also devote yourself life blood to appear ,to him, Emperor Yu and Luo is one fight ,he or she must possess some impact on .

Icecrown ,snowflakes ! A hands is snow all around the sky, clouds of snow ,in her own body ,all grew to become because the snow and ice moments, frozen in ,snow world, lots of snowflakes ,the whitened snow in red-colored ,like bloodstream inoculation by which general .

These snow beautiful and flirty ,but filled with dangers ,as though cut to really make the world to not get knife feeling ,every snowflake is sufficient to kill a imperial very exit strong, these snowflakes are dancing together ,is sort of a large champion .

Her silver hair flying, every hair ,appears to possess endless cold gas, behavior ,we are able to let the world space freeze ,to tremble .Luo Hanyan Court Structure as quite strong first transit atmosphere under ,her talent is much more similar to individuals of Rasetsu female youth, even when isn’t the hands ,can give millions of years the end from the feeling ,the wind ,frost and snow all around the sky .

Because you must hands ,i quickly will require that’s ,not really a fight ,whether win streak, I made the decision never to change ,now gone, to some better future ! World destroy ! He put his hands right into a large millstone ,yin and Yang ,toward the leading curler left hands right hands ,Yin ,Yang ,yin and Yang ,yin and Yang ground world ,freemasonry ,invincible ,sweeps away all obstacles .

What snowflakes ,regardless of the number of ,all to become obliterated ,possibly is melted ,possibly an immediate evaporation ,possibly into nothingness ,in a nutshell ,his hands went, all of the snowflakes have left .

Within the Luo are behind us a star domain ,let God plume surprise, Luo Han tobacco control must have several rule ,for seven seven forty-nine from the existence by which small stars shining stars ,despite 1000’s of stars .

But it’s intended mainly to ice ,ice principle condenses a lot more like stars ,is among the leading general ,she and also the Emperor Yu this different, she’s not far from the pole and powerful .

She’s in the emperor pole condition ,is in charge of two concepts ,a type of may be the ice rule ,a guide is bloodstream ,as she now controlled five other rules ,may be the five rule ,Jin Mu fire and water soil .

5 rule ,not before control ,but after star exit strong control ,you need to go into the celestial realm, it has to control 5 rule ,this is essential .Since the five rule may be the fundamental rule from the pressure ,you will find five lines to evolution of paradise and earth ,five lines can evolution creation ,celestial pole exit first small realm ,would be to let five compatibility .

Now ,already are half feet buy pole exit ,character is also controlled five rules ,but nonetheless together with her start to control the 2 concepts for dominant ,it has triggered the problem .

Well ,your strength is enhanced ,but nonetheless much worse than me ,well ,today is to show you you my gap ,you such strength and just how to strike out ,instead of stay here with my sister ,III ,ten li of peach blossom ! All of a sudden ,the wintertime is past ,in to the winter, winter and spring ,time marches on ,the recovery of other nutritional foods ,Luo are side ,as though also made an appearance two figure ,Yama Temple Fighting Techinques ,like a pretty much and transmigration has some relationship .

Her two figure ,the first is her past existence, the first is her afterlife ,however this two figure appearance ,and today she’s almost ,this martial-art very mysterious ,stated to become incarnations, not reincarnation .

Here appeared to become garden ,a peach tree hugely tall stems ,energetic and powerful ,a flourishing peach blossom ,is sort of a gale blew up ,a flourishing peach feather flying over toward the emperor .

III ,ten li of peach blossom ,is only a startled day to kill ,every flower peach blossom are very strong, is really a Luo are a couple of figure walked over ,the 2 figure strength how, now Emperor Yu would never know .

!!Vientiane ! Emperor Yu can also be not neglect ,the direct utilisation of the an enchanting ,on his side, but additionally made an appearance in 2 places at the same time, and Luo would be the two figure fighting together ,his yidam is toward the Luo cold smoke rushed past, brave players, rainbow momentum .

God fist ! His hands pinch punch ,a double fist as though has damaged the everlasting, sweeping the long run general ,damaged naive Italian invincible ,a punch ,giant earthquakes and landslides ,space collapse ,he advance step-by-step ,all the peach blossom is damaged .

Only a set of fist ,is he may reflect ,his back with no star domain ,there’s no stars ,regardless of may be the star or even the existence of stars or small stars ,have the ability to been built-into his flesh .

He’s using the star imprint from the road, yet others different, that they will star imprint to any or all flesh ,is sufficient to let his body increasingly more violent ,whether it continues such as this ,his body will quickly achieve the arena of exit the amount .

The emperor family sun body in flowing bloodstream ,is invincible heritage ,his body too to some frightening degree ,a double fist out ,space is torn from a lengthy hole ,the floor beneath them is blown apart, with a couple of them for that center ,like porcelain general to interrupt in the .

Di Yu ,includes a whitened mark, these traces are peach in position ,but his is too tough ,if someone else ,I’ve is wound ,the bloodstream still . Only God Star exit only, energy am strong ,really bad, however your level is not high enough ,your opponents don’t due to your realm isn’t to kill you, so just review your own ability ! Luo Han Yan limbo gently, a set of whitened palm came, within the peach blossom ,released her attack ,like a warrior ,the flesh cannot be too weak ,Luo will also be is really .

In her own hands ,having a circulation of ice rule ,six other rules pressure is really a subsidy ,ice freezing all rules ,her attack isn’t towards the Emperor Yu side ,Jewa is feeling bitter cold .He’s really don’t understand ,an individual can be rules with this particular achieve the acme of perfection ,possibly since the Luo Han smoke itself because of my personality ,every ice rules have grown to be human ,it had been horrible .

No surprise ,which should be house large sister, even going to the extent of control rules ,these rules of overwhelming pressure over, gave the Emperor Yu an excellent pressure . The almighty ,your apprentice good, whichever aspect, has stated previously ! Rasetsu female also smiled and nodded her head ,she know bloodstream primary temper ,to obtain the bloodstream primary such evaluation ,happen to be excellent ,in the end the bloodstream little hardly any praise, to allow him go ,in other people mouth already would never know that which was stated .

Allow the bloodstream will laugh ,should you accept disciples words ,certainly is also very outstanding ,but regrettably ,you won’t ever collect a student ,I envy is useless now ! Bloodstream age ,than Rasetsu female to a lot of, but so far there’s no apprentice ,if he really train a student ,even when the qualification slightly excellent point ,may also become absolute strength .

Don Shoutu things, I’m desire a kid do apprentice ,I gave him a promise is the greatest ,however it was the boy declined, alas ,difficult to choose a student, but others not my master ! Bloodstream master jeered ,discourse is really a unlucky, he desires to get the Emperor Yu the apprentice ,but with no success ,he sighed a sigh of relief ,then that’s moved towards the area .

,I still finish the battle, you strength too weak ,produce lower ! Luo Han smoke cold grunted ,then that’s disseminate the strong attacks ,although not reserved .See no advertisements ,full text no wrong debut novel ,love reading through network -world wide web.

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