in Chu Xun blew a puff of air .

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGreen river rise Chapter 216th allow the storm come more strongly — Chapter 216th allow the storm come more strongly chairman from the board , how can you believe an unfamiliar person talks nor believe my cousin ! Chu Chu Qian Bi some angry ,so speak meditation didn’t offer her the cousin within the eye .

I business ,it yet others say, you take a look around these people don’t know ? Qian Chu Chu at Bi , also, I stated ,away from the organization states you is my cousin ! You Chu country it ,she was really a joint gas isn’t light, not Chu Xun didn help her ,but on Zhang Mao ,she added fuel towards the flames , good ,excellent, Chu Xun ,remember that which you stated today ! Chu Bi stated ,we use go .

Stop. This opening is really a spade ,his voice let an individual can’t be asked in pressure ,Chu country was stopped . Chu country ,don’t even think that there’s your greatest, individuals people who are the common people ,but additionally can kill you ,later in the organization, or perhaps a convergence point, or M-N but simple to V ! Zhang Mao was speaking three warning ,seven threat .

You Chu country feel today totally ,savagely in a Maoyi eye only say a word, you averted . Chu miss, hello ! Chu country walks ,Zhang D smile to greet the Chu xun .

Hello. Chu Xun smile around the Zhang Maoshen hands ,today at M-N Zhang Mao told Chu Xun two part of the organization will pretend to not know ,cannot although not towards the time ,don identity revealed .

I Zhang Mao. A Maohe Chu Xun began acting , Chu, ,you simply too model ,it’s our idol ,we have such borers pretty good strange ,suggested Chu, they were fired . Then, a spade and Chu Xun in the possession of together ,also lightly held out a finger within the Chu Qian hands scratched .

Chu Xun was Zhang Mao lightly itching ,feel hands itch ,can submit some pot holding ,CH o unor ,not ch o unor . Chu miss, Hello, I friend ,i’m Zhu Yuqing ! This time around Zhu Yuqing also from prior to the shock had clarified a God in the future ,busy extend his hands .

One hands ,she felt that human can help to save many y-o industry chairman ,how and also to shake his hands ,busy and set his hands back .Chu Xun also provide the chance to deal with ch o uback, based on conditions ,busy required the hands of Zhu Yuqing, laughing , Oh ,these to you immediately college students possess the vitality ,vigor, right, will your data in my experience ,I take a look ! Zhu Yuqing didn’t think about Chu Xun will personally to her ,would be a J i ,busy hands information handed up, Chu Xun simple switched the web pages ,after which requested Zhu Yuqing a couple of questions .

Zhu Yuqing even though some tension ,but remains the one one answer it .Chu Xun acceptable nodded her head ,smiled and stated: Miss Zhu carried out well, these details in your contact way ,within 72 hours, we’ll have people phone you .

Thanks, miss chu ! Zhu Yuqing stated thanks ,face J i.Chu Xun smiled ,no openings ,switched to some spade ,requested: your data ? Zhang D hey smiled two times ,his information towards the Chu Qian Chu Xun ,these details don’t know the number of occasions over ,pretending to become investigated ,also requested a couple of questions .

Zhang Mao is obviously one one solutions ,and answer fluently ,alongside Zhu Yuqing together with his mouth available ,Zhang D answer which couple of really learn more perfect than her . He really Hi ,I additionally book he was crazy ,huh ,it appears he stated holds true ! Zhu Yuqing smiled and stated ,me .

Yes, your title is Zhang Mao ,we visit the office ! Chu Qian chuckled , things just produce an in depth example . Good ! Zhang Maomang responded ,me started to assume within the Chu Xun office could it be right? Can a J i .

You decide to go back first. Zhu ,72 hours as we aspire to end up being the friend ! Zhang Mao smile . Well ,well ! Zhu Yuqing grunted ,added , Zhang D thanks ,without you, today believed with no chance ! Oh ,nothing, lift a finger ,together with your thanks and warm ,great for the organization ! A Maobai her smile .

I’ll ! Zhu Yuqing seem firm .Chu Xun sent others to carry on following a recruitment, brought a Maojin building, then required the elevator to her office ,Secretary Chu Xun remained within the downstairs ,so this time around ,Chu Xun office merely a Maohe Chu xun .

Entering work ,Zhang Mao will Chu Xun in the arms ,jeered , wife ,you simply too imposing ! Zhang Maoyi squeezed Chu Xun Xi o ngprior to that particular from the tall whitened rabbit ears ,in Chu Xun blew a puff of air .

Makes Chu Xun didn Zhang Mao stated to start ,a situation by Zhang Mao procurable ,pinch ,full of flush ,and even though Zhang Mao isn’t the very first time ,but every time a Maodou brings her a brand new fast – a feeling of .

Disgusting. Chu Xun angry voice, I understand you’ll be in danger ,you friend ! Chu Xun cable x-ng straight to the entire body around the Zhang Mao body, where there’s an excellent chairman m okind,whether it ended up being to let others see even wiped out never believe ,appears like a chilly Chu Xun was there this type of bird .

Hey ,basically don you’ll love me? Zhang Mao teeth lightly bite the Chu Qian out ,softly , Chu Xun ,from Chu country will have the ability to see ,to y-o industry continues to be around for a lot of such as this moth ,I think you’ll can put these moths to hardball eliminated .

Oh ,I don ,but they’re my relatives ,but additionally their very own shares ! Chu Xuntan sigh helplessly . This simple to handle ,as lengthy like a large cost can they contain the shares to purchase it might be ,indeed ,shares within their hands ,I’ve got a restless feeling ! Zhang Mao stated some heavy tone ,but to the stage .

Purchase it ? Chu Xun l- think God s- , let Mr. Yang to assist , allow him to give money to purchase these investors ,in by doing this ,another investors of the organization won’t think we did something .

Well ! A Maoying a cry , call Yang Shushu ! Why do for some time? Chu Xun puzzled .Zhang Mao place a smile , for the time being behind what Zhang Mao didn’t say ,will direct the Chu Xun was blocked ,a tenon tongue just like a lizard ,lightly taken the Chu Qian chu-ng teeth ,so she felt indescribably comfortable ,then lightly reminds a D sweet tongue ,suck gradually – enables b .

One hands around the Chu Qian Qiao T-N on, another hands still Chu Xun Xi o ngkeep R-U pinching ,together with a mortise action continues ,Chu Xun body progressively becomes hot .Today is due to the necessity to recruit ,so she used a typical occupation ,slightly thick ,therefore ,within their mad J i we n,Chu Xun soon on exudation of sweat .

Sweat .A Maoshen breath ,w e nChu Xun ,hands clean will Chu Xun Xi o ngbuttons to unlock ,while a couple stored searching back ,there’s a large desk . Husband ,don ,this is actually the office ! Chu Xun finally react, shout for any seem .

Hey ,because this is actually the office is yet another thorn J i ! Zhang Maozei chuckled, fierce in Chu Xunqiao T-N pats ,grinned , don just don’t want to find a wife to stab J i ? Chu Xun desired to justify what .

! A Maoyou all of a sudden required a turn her out T-N ,allow her to stiffly won’t tell swallow ,changed by another word , wish to ! Hey ,now ,we have a area office with vigour and vitality of J isentiment! Then, Zhang Mao two have imperceptibly to the table ,Zhang Maotou also stepped within the Chu Qian Xi o ng.

Personally i think good husband I would like ! Before lengthy Chu Xun known as out ,inside a low voice ,she was scared of anybody available after ,listens to some . Ah ! An exclamation ,Chu Xun laying around the desk

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