Important Charles M Russell Works of art Among Top Lots at Chandler

Chandler Art Auction holds its eighth annual purchase on March 31, 2012 within their spacious second floor art galleries at 7176 Primary Street in Chandler, Arizona. The auction this year was Scottsdale’s best ever, amassing over 15 million dollars-the 2010 purchase offers to continue the tradition, featuring the best in painting and sculpture from historic and contemporary masters of Western, Wildlife and Sporting Art.

One of many fine choices within the 2012 purchase are a couple of works of art by Charles M. Russell (1864-1926) in the Fred and Ginger root Renner Collection. The Renners were the government bodies on Russell’s works their personal collection consists of rarely seen gems in the artist’s brushes and pens. Mexican Zoysia Predators (estimate: $600-800,000-), for instance, is a good watercolor and gouache calculating 13 5/8 x 18 1/4 inches. Performed in 1924, it demonstrates Russell’s artistry at its peak. The late mid-day sun bathes the riders as well as their mounts. Seen from below, they seem heroic, their serapes and lances lending them a knightly air. The The spanish language Dance (estimate $400-600,000-), a 25 1/4 x 32 1/2 inch oil colored in 1892, is really a romantic vaquero piece, a cowboy’s dream. Sun with the trees dapples the stucco wall as youthful Charlie-inside a self-portrait, second in the right-appraises the dancer and fancies that her dance is just for him.

Among the top artists of action moments, Frank McCarthy works (1924-2002) have loved tremendous success the Chandler Art Auction, and also the 2012 purchase isn’t any exception. The Chase, a 24 x 40 inch oil, kicks in the dust like a stagecoach flees from going after Indians. The rocks, of course in McCarthy’s works, are crisp and textured, and also the stormy sky that brackets the experience appears to become running above along with the braves. Within the genre of sporting and wildlife, one fine lot may be the painting of the buck and doe at the begining of fall through the great American artist A. F. Tait (1819-1905). -Adirondack- Tait, because he found be known, was among the fathers of yankee Sporting Art. The work, of the youthful buck searching back, aware of some seem he’s heard, and the doe, searching ahead over the water, describes the type of day when Character-save for that interplay of cloud, sun and sky-continues to be. The painting asks us to pay attention, to pay for heed to the littlest of sounds. Change is incorporated in the wind-don’t miss it. All of the works within the 2012 Chandler Art Auction is going to be in view within the art galleries from March 22nd. You will see a cocktail preview on Friday, March 30, from 6:00 to eight:00 p.m. Catalogues are for sale to purchase by calling 480 945 0225 or online at world wide


Chandler Art Auction may be the Southwest’s biggest art auction, SAA has built itself because the premier event from the auction season and .

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