immediately around the Zhao Qing and Ren Ying stated

For Shang Xinyan and Zhao Qing ,Ren Ying three women, tonight meeting with for action ,it’s the very first time in most one .Within their heart ,can up a trace of formerly unknown fear ,there’s still some novelty .

When General electric Bin leaped within the walls ,wall soon came a number of mad dog woofing .Li Zhonghe Anjiao ,immediately around the Zhao Qing and Ren Ying stated: you simply stay there, I visited take a look .

You ?Are you able to ascend the top wall ? Shang Xinyan worried . Li River ,you need to allow the chaos . Zhao Qingdao. Ren Ying also stated : Li River ,you’ll still here just stay .

On their own side accounts for safeguarding the job a couple of officials : small Li ah ,General electric bureau possess the words, you’re not going anywhere soon ,not what went down ,we are able to . Li River smiled ,stated: Ren Ying ,place your camera in my experience, I provides you with go ahead and take real catching scene ! Ren Ying listen, still reluctant to state: you ,you’ll still don go .

Li Zhonghe permitting no explanation from either hawk grabbed your camera ,place them in to the pocket , after which switched toward the wall ,stride walk ,towards the wall and ,Li River lightly inside a longitudinal, body off the floor, be a simple job to climbing the wall ,motion and speed much more light than the usual General electric Bin .

Look ,Zhao Qing is Xinyan ,Ren Ying and many officials a afraid ,Goodfellas ,Li River this skinny body ,it may climb the walls two meters three five ,isn’t simple ,he should visit the Public Security Bureau ah ,just how can do in order to assist the poor ,it’s wasting away !Stated Li Zhonghe rose the wall ,lightly leaped in to the plant compound ,all of a sudden ,a mad dog woofing seemed again ,although the dark evening ,but Li Zhonghe eyesight is wonderful, a review of twenty meters to 2 waist high large dog .

Li Zhonghe can’t help but privately sigh ,if the rhubarb with around ,such as the two large dog didn’t dare to do something rashly and blindly right now ?Think about rhubarb ,Li River it’s appreciated within the peach ditch day ,rhubarb now follows the cold ,roam in Xiangyang ditch following the mountain tops ?Virtually no time to consider ,Li River switched take a look around, with no one there ,silently for the two dogs through the past ,wish to enter the garage interior ,will need to take the 2 road dogs to wash up .

Hey ,where ?Li Zhonghe was surprised ,this General electric Bin has entered the 2 dog into the garage ?While Li Zhonghe was surprised when General electric Bin ,softly in the ear : small Li ,don .

Li Zhonghe rapidly switched to appear ,I saw General electric Bin within the three meters before him ,because of wind and snow very urgent, his mind was engrossed in a thick layer of snow ,don view it, not be found .

His equine ,you doing in here ? General electric Bin beat the Li River punch ,scolded: produce out ! Li River hey hey laugh : General electric Bureau ,you enter in the tiger ,I Li river so moved, there’s a tiger siblings, while his soldiers ah ,brother ,brother you are able to lessen, don brother ability ? General electric Bin slightly began ,checked out the Li River slightly thin body ,and without doubt, stated: want to initiate the inside ,must result in the two dog ! Li Zhonghe nodded her head : ,this condition in my experience ! I stated brother ,the 2 dog together with his equine just like a tiger ,you will get message too big .

General electric Bin worried .Don Li Zhonghe smile .Li stated ,the Ministry has opened up the miniature camera to General electric Bin : my dog moments recorded . General electric Bin is shocked ,puzzled to determine Li River : recorded ass ah ,thumb are busy .

Li River Hei hei laugh ,stated: brother hasn a girlfriend ,later the house video ,let my girlfriend when needed developing ,without demur !Brother, don give brother for help ?Should you don get it done ,which day brother marry ,never request your ! Good good ! General electric Bin smiled and required the miniature camera ,around the Li river .

Muse ,Li River this kid is definitely the youthful guy, I truly do not know his mind ultimately what .Li River switched to go searching, the kitty lower toward the 2 dog .Two dog all of a sudden see Li river towards they believed ,were all of a sudden no more woofing ,throat sent waves of oink ,your dog emit ghostly fierce light, prepare to pounce around the Li river .

Li Zhonghe is far away of two dog two meters away, all of a sudden leaped forward, his hands like pincers grabbed your dog neck parts ,exhaustion from the finest strength ,carefully round the dog ,two dog all of a sudden not able to breathe ,discomfort and elevated four hoof extremely waving ,appear to wish to seize Li Zhonghe ,Li River arm strength greatly ,where whenever they revolt .

Hey ,I within the peach ditch along with cold ,many userful stuff here, I drank a 1000 year ginseng soup ,I hold two dogs ,and seize the 2 goat’s .Li Zhonghe was privately pleased .In under two minutes ,two battling dog walked gradually stop resistance .

Li River doesn’t release ,still carefully Naylor introduced your dog neck .Three minutes later ,two dogs finally stop battling ,Li River that loose his hands .The alternative supports the camera General electric Bin viewed the Li River yield two dog scene, gapemouthed ,wow ,ancient Youwu Erlang drunk playing tiger ,this really is Li River within the snowy evening lower his equine dog ,really eye-opening !Didn’t think about to assist deficient up to do this guy !Little lamented ,General electric Bin immediately went over ,place the camera to Li River ,after which move toward auto repair factory rapidly touched yesteryear .

He presents a front three Xiaolou ,in 2 structures around the east side from the room ,giving off a vibrant light .General electric Bin and Li Zhonghe are delighted ,they always feel auto repair factory from the inside ,hasn’t experienced any obstacles, to accommodate their stay ,and appearance the terrain ,make certain no ambush ,this only along a narrow dark stairs gradually to 2 floor corridor .

Actuallythis really is a typical auto repair factory ,there’s no lie .The folks inside ,or continues to be moved ,or would never know law enforcement have touched .Let General electric Bin and Li within the depressed is ,that vibrant house ,someone should have !But simply two dog woofing dog never released disturb them ?This really is somewhat unusual !Therefore ,General electric Bin and Li River Station towards the second floor corridor ,was silently ,hearing everything around me .

Simply to hear the finish from the corridor that light-up hut came gusts of laughter ,a smell in mid-air was thin ,there very little, if any liquor gas .At nighttime ,General electric Bin and Li Zhonghe on a single eye ,Li River has become the important thing chain around the Swiss Military knife in hands ,whispered : go ,accustomed to take a look .

General electric Bin can also be the guy, released his hands towards the waist ,drawn a black pistol ,for the Li River nodded her head ,low voice ,stated: adopted behind ,before my . Li River nodded her head .Now ,Li river all of a sudden created a small tribute to General electric Bin ,he thinks that this can be a very responsible police ,law enforcement ,this season appears to haven’t much .

Regrettably ,he’s Dai Yonghua marketed ,such talent ,manage place needs to be thanked for county !When the stay is going to be found beaten Zhang Jin three P. killer is Dai Qiangqiang, therefore ,the deputy director General electric Bin will act ?Virtually no time to consider what ,Li River follow carefully behind General electric Bin very carefully with no noise ,touch near lighting room door .

Behind a door, and never the actual .The heating seems to be really full, heating with the door outward ,to allow General electric Bin and also the Li River created a type of wish to hurry directly into warm up .

In the end ,out cold, an enormous amount of snow and ice over the door ,see Li River ,the home sitting eight Han ,Han people some knit tops ,some putting on a shirt ,some simply bare arms, these were arm, arm muscles ,with engeaved dragons and Phoenix ,see not what’s good in .

Although separated with a door ,but Li River eye might find eight males with two familiar strongman ,is pointed out within the Northeast restaurant video video alongside Zhang Jin around the desk two !Just a little heavier guy ,clad inside a plaid shirt ,a higher the vest .

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