IL ACL Coagulation Analyzers

IL ACL coagulation analyzers can be used for research programs in clinical labs of hospitals, physicians’ offices, health care centers and small labs. These types of are distinctively made to offer optimum efficiency in coagulation

IL ACL Coagulation Analyzers Obtainable in Different Types

Made by Instrumentation Laboratory IL, ACL coagulation analyzers can be found in a number of models for example IL ACL 100, IL ACL 200, IL ACL 1000, IL ACL 3000, IL ACL 6000, IL ACL 7000 and IL ACL Futura. Each one of these models are integrated with innovative features to provide maximum performance in scientific research labs. The ACL 100 model is recognized as an ideal choice for low volume works and could be used even while a backup analyzer.

Innovative Features for Better Performance and Accurate Results

Different types of IL ACL coagulation analyzers can be used as supplying clots assays including PT-fibrinogen, TT, factors, APTT, protein S, protein C and lots of other laboratory tests. These tools can evaluate samples in single, duplicate, batch and single menus. They’re capable enough to output accurate recent results for four samples inside a minimum time period of ten minutes, enabling as much as 24 test results and the other 32 additional optional information.

For enhanced functionality, these types of are added to capabilities including direct tube sampling capacity, automated sample dilution, random programming and much more. With the aid of the on-board barcode readers within the equipment, you are able to easily look into the patient identification codes. These analyzers may even produce output in calculated parameters or as direct hemostatic dimensions.

Purchase Only from the Reliable Distributor

To take advantage of the innovative options that come with IL ACL coagulation analyzers, it’s important to locate a reliable distributor in the market. Such marketers can offer the best model that meets your particular lab programs and it is offered at economical prices. To supply the clients with added convenience, most of the sellers are providing facilities for online purchase too.

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