Ideas to use Corioliss Professional V Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straighteners for the best styling results

Corioliss Professional V straightener is among the latest additions within the hair straightener family, which is the upgraded form of Corioliss’s Classis Professional model. When in comparison to the older model, this straightener includes advantages of ceramic plates implanted with tourmaline gems and dual current system because of its worldwide usage. Other innovative features also form thing about this amazing straightener for example adjustable configurations, PTC ceramic heater, fast warm up which too within under six seconds, and all over swivel cord to avoid tangling. Actually, this straightener is finished features to be able to derive best styling results. However, these functions don’t alone determine the prosperity of your styling results. It might be better still should you follow some simple strategies for its right usage.

To begin with, ready your hair for styling via getting rid of a myriad of grime, built-ups, and grease out of your hair by completely shampooing hair. Then use a top quality conditioner to deeply condition hair. Now towel work and employ a warmth protectant spray or gel to evenly put it on in your. Therefore helps you to safeguard hair from excess warmth launched by hair dryer and hair straightener. As the next phase, blow work, ideally utilizing a ceramic hair dryer Whenever your locks are totally dry, remove all knots in the hair and divide hair into small parts of only 1 inch.

Now turn on your hair straightener to be able to let it achieve desirable temperature. As pointed out earlier, as it is that come with adjustable warmth configurations as much as 410 degree Fahrenheit, it allows you to definitely set the warmth to fit your hair texture in addition to type. For the fine sensitive or broken hair, set the temperature below 300 levels F as well as for your normal hair, make use of a setting around 300-380 levels F. A greater warmth setting between 350 and 400 degree F is suggested for individuals with thick, coarse frizzy hair.

Whenever your hair straightener reaches desirable temperature, untie a piece of hair after which ensure that it stays between your plates of Corioliss straightener. Because this straightener own it the qualities of ceramic, tourmaline, and nano silver, you can rest assured that it’ll not damage hair unlike other hair straighteners. Then progressively glide it lower beginning in the scalp to tip in moderate speed. Style other parts of hair in the same manner, and finally use a high quality serum or spray to provide extra shine and exquisiteness for your straightened out hair.

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