I give back to funnel the very best

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Tick tick … … A small amount of bloodstream dripped to the ground , one eye is filled with question .

Love reading through and just how this is happening ?Li Fei wasn’t asked to kill him Shangguan down ?Now Li Fei how he stabbed a sword ?The sword handle pole position ,directly will Shangguan one heart to enter .

But king exit Shangguan one ,following the absolute heart was pierced live .His existence was over, no resurrection impossible .Why? You guaranteed me kill that kid ? Shangguan just switched ,bitterness at feather empire emperor Li Fei .

All of us die ,he doesn’t worry about other activities .Li Fei was the emperor or beggar ,may be worth mentioning, and that he doesn .Now he only desired to know why Li Fei really wants to kill him, I’ve guaranteed him .

But what’s going to the Shangguan yuan to Li Fei ,why it’s and the intend to different ? Blame you offend shouldn’t offend people ,otherwise I won’t kill you ! Li Fei didn’t released the sword ,but from both your hands from the sword .

This is just a common sword only, no use .Lost sheds ,just a little pity .Shangguan one upset Shangguan feather ,feather and knowledge ,and Shangguan Wang relation so great .Knowledge rules here, Li Fei couldn wiped out Shangguan plume .

Get caught up to simply their own existence into it, he isn’t so foolish .Besides ,as lengthy because the Shangguan just wiped out ,so she got Guiyuan by things won’t ever know .What kills Shangguan ,but no harm ,as lengthy as Li Fei isn’t stupid ,he’ll pick one kills shangguan .

,you dare to cheat me ,you dare to cheat me !Useless In my opinion in your soul a lot ,you’re worse than pigs or dogs ! Exactly what does Li Fei usually Shangguan reverent and sincere ,but this time around he gave Li Fei no more any respect .

His eyes are filled with evil, is all about .Dying, he hated not Shangguan plume ,but Li Fei .Shangguan plume and that he was there between ,Shangguan feather do individuals situations are normal .He’s hated Shangguan plume ,but all of this is understandable .

But Li Fei isn’t the same ,the other for thus a long time to feather empire .Now’s the Guiyuan classics to Li Fei, didn’t expect in exchange is really a sword through and thru . Humph ,dare to insult the imminent dying of emperor ? Li Fei once more contain the sword ,he earned a stir .

Shangguan just screaming up ,but nonetheless within the then brawl ,but more scolds fierce .No ,Li Fei needed to go ahead and take sword, directly stop Shangguan one mind .Li Fei put away the swords ,angry look Shangguan one .

The emperor know it can be done ,therefore the emperor would kill him for you personally ! Li Fei investigated the Hawa Shan smiled ,but the knowledge that Wang smile .Shangguan plume finding ,Li Fei smile even flatter ,it appears that he’s also know some knowledge great king factor .

And who’s searching toward the knowledge from the plume from the king ,he finally saw the knowledge that Wang Na this is of the sentence .Just consider the two coming ,intellectual ,Wang stated to not dirty his structure .

It appears he understood Li Fei would kill Shangguan evening ,no surprise from the to Z aren’t speaking .Although Shangguan plume isn’t surprised ,knowledge is Wang always predict just like a prophet ,she got nothing .

For that master, also, he doesn’t understand what to state .If a person to kill Moses the king had a reason, can be difficult to state, you realize an excessive amount of . Your Majesty, if little else ,you are able to go .

While watching courtiers ,knowledge nobleman to not face Li Fei .Now just three of these ,Moses the king isn’t to Li Fei .This is actually the strength ,Li Fei he dare mix ?’-‘. Li Fei Shan Shan chuckled , okay ,the emperor went .

When Li Fei switched around ,smiles have left ,his eyes exhibited a haze .Like a feather empire emperor, Chi ,Wang told him ,he was very unhappy .But Li Fei would never know ,all his performance happen to be smart king saw huge .

Shangguan plume can see throughout, as well as the knowledge may be the king .The king am knowledge of Li Fei ,natural is really a reason . Kohane ,such surface set behind a guy ,you have to be cautious .

Knowledge may be the Wang Shen hands lightly touch ,Shangguan the first is directly disappeared .Area didn’t leave a trail of bloodstream ,as though nothing had happened .Shangguan plume Lengleng nodded her head ,searching at one was dead ,also, he don to feel .

He’s hated Shangguan one ,but he didn’t kill Shangguan one .Hadn’t thought now Shangguan one really died so tragic ,all of a sudden Li Fei was wiped out ,the other can also be not acceptable .

Or before dying isn’t that type of performance, this is another type of retribution .Regardless of how ,Shangguan just died ,Shangguan plume at sighed .He won’t kill one ,although not in order to save him .

Maybe Shangguan just died, this contradiction will finish .Troubleshe and also the Yellow Shangguan Pocheng factor isn’t the finish .The Yellow Shangguan Pocheng waste his pubes ,and that he knocked high cliff ,otherwise he Fu gearing ,possibly already dead .

The enemy otherwise reported within the words ,then he isn’t Shangguan plume ,even males aren’t .Shangguan plume adopted Zhi great king joined the structure ,knowledge is Wang Mingxian there and that he stated .

Near to the day and evening time ,is Chi great king stated ,Shangguan plume in listening .Knowledge is simply too much towards the king trained him ,however past too far ,only cramming can train how you can train and just how much .

Time is nearly up, Kohane ,I give back to funnel the top hill . Knowledge is Wang looked up in the sky ,stated to Shangguan plume .Say such a long time time ,knowledge may be the king no change .

Also, he didn’t elicit Shangguan plume sights ,so required Shangguan plume just to walk again .Should you let others begin to see the scene now ,never think smart king is really a frail scholar .Knowledge may be the king required Shangguan plume ,one step past the bounds of Ta Kong ,on the .

While watching huge Wang Ziran Shangguan plume ,knowledge won’t hide what .However the knowledge the king didn’t want others to determine people ,organic sight .Knowledge may be the king in youthful ,with black hair bundles within the behind .

He looked indifferent, entering the void, like disgrace sin generally .Shangguan Yu he drawn ,can also be walking within the void .It appears being an immortal ,and Wusantong as time passes won’t be the same .

Psychic peak . ,you or otherwise ,are you currently lost yesterday . Fart , yesterday you lose, I win is ! Two old males are laying on the floor ,his locks are untidy ,hanging lower .Yesterday they’re useless of pressure ,and regular people like seafood meal .

The outcomes of natural may be the two individual is drunk ,also grew to become such as this now .So a quarrel ,a couple are standing .The 2 guy argument not just mouth ,even going to move a hands in the future .

Two old males and also the average guy ,together within the scuffle .While traveling in a classic lady Wusantong wine ,your wine old lashed out in a meal .While wine old surrended to Wusantong pressure under body ,will Wusantong lashed out in a meal .

Two are black ,are beaten into pighead . Ahem … … Shangguan feather nearly fell lower in the sky ,this scene is actually humorous .Didn’t think about Wusantong and wine are extremely lovely side ,the 2 old guy is actually one .

Hear Shangguan plume cough ,wine and Wusantong found Shangguan Hawa Chi the king a couple .Wusantong eyes exhibited a horror ,although he was old and wine in wrestling, but many people come and that he were not sure .

Wusantong would never know knowledge great king ,finally heard Gu Chen say once, to understand knowledge great king is another Shangguan plume master .But he just think it is an regular guy ,in the end, a little king Zhaoneng appear what bad character ?However isn’t the same ,smart king walking within the huge avoid .

Despite Shangguan feather emerged ,he isn’t conscious of .This is actually the question of strength ,knowledge ,King absolute energy is extremely strong .Wine old speed is very fast ,and appears just like a twinkling changes ,simultaneously also become neat clothes .

Together with his pole boundary strength ,do these natural is a straightforward factor .Consider the official plume ,Wusantong is looked at him .But he rapidly also grew to become a SAGE-like type appearance, prior to the stress sweep away .

Before so scandalous apprentice ,Wusantong naturally . The 2 is a great mood ,really playing here . Wusantong and wine old two human face is red-colored ,just everything seen by others indeed very disgraced .

Especially there’s a junior in Shangguan plume ,that is a shame . Me ,should you dare to place it ,I didn’t finish along with you ! This is actually the very first time Wusantong and Shangguan plume so serious talk, the eyes having a threat .

Jiu Lao can also be such look Shangguan plume ,this is is self-apparent . wine ,you be assured .The two of you a great gay friend .I won ,just both of you a gay and that i didn . Shangguan Yu attempted to smile is going to be saying this out ,he felt his evil .

However the two old guy clothes clothes untidy way ,her locks are like this, is the fact that what .Although don good gay friend and gay is exactly what meaning, but Shangguan plume promise to not tell others enough .

In the end, Shangguan plume has seen, want him to forget is not likely .As lengthy while you don lie at risk ,the 2 old goods can’t afford to get rid of the face area .Wusantong and wine appreciation at Shangguan plume ,a boy you discreetly .

Troublesif the pair of them know good gay friend and gay is exactly what this means ,they’ll absolutely crazy .They ought to be mad general will Shangguan plume cramps scalping ,based on die and tortured .

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