I am Alive

Today, August, 02, 2012 is an extremely strange day for me personally. I’ve been doing a lot of things for self-realization. It offers different types of relaxation techniques, chanting and much more. However nowadays after i went for Vipassana a really strange factor happened. I spent my 1 hour in meditation after I arrived on the scene from the meditation hall, I have found myself inside a different zone. Using the aim of returning to my room and reading through something by Kabir. I arrived in a typical toilet within the premise. I sitting there quietly and flashes were arriving front of my eyes. I saw my goal clearly. Things I came for? What’s the goal of my existence? But nonetheless there is a conflict i believe by what shall we be held doing to attain it? I had been just imagining everything very quietly. I had been very calm, quiet and was at peace. I had been feeling as should i be a pigeon who had been within the golden cage since a lot of many had recognized that because the world around. It had been a real possibility for me personally. I had been within my own world after which a classic lady came and shook me. Very nicely she explained which i was relaxing in a lady’s toilet. I had been there since last fifteen minutes and she or he was watching me. Very nicely she explained that they can understand where I had been. She smiled and left after that. It broke my silence. Again I arrived exactly the same world where I had been earlier. I felt embarrassed and saw many ladies around. I moved from there. However I recognized as though I am free now. I have handled to leave the golden cage. I had been excited and happy. I’m able to say now I’m able to believe that -I am Alive.- I understand it will be very hard that i can convince people around. Because What I have experienced and will also be likely to experience is exclusive. This really is something mystique and beyond imagination. I am writing all of this not because I wish to give anybody gyaan. I am penning this because I am taking pleasure in it. But when anyone can gain something from my experience, he thenOrshe should thankfully because he isn’t alive. Don’t thank me because I am Alive. Attempt to experience with -Living.-

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