HZS25 skip type concrete mixing plant

HZS25 Skip Type Concrete Mixing Plant is really a miniscule print product of DASWELL. It consists of material supply Mixing system, cement and energy material weighing system, mixer, electric control system, additive weighing system, water weighing system which is steel structure. It’s ideal concrete equipment for building project, building ground and precast product factory.

1. switches into knockdown structure and obstructing. It’s mix mode.

2.The HZS25 Skip Type Concrete Mixing Plant switches into JS500 concrete mixer, that is forced double-horizontal shafts and may produce many different types of high-quality concrete, for example dry hard concrete and plastic concrete yet others. It’s good mixing quality and efficiency.

3.The Blending machine switches into PLD800, it’s calculating nicety and produce efficiency.

4.The forced water supply system spray equably and it has washing function for that mixing system.

5.It switches into the electrical weigher to determine all of the aggregate cement water liquid additive.

6.Accumulative or separate metering techniques may be used to measure aggregate with an electronic weighing apparatus. The device could use elevator to load the aggregate.

7.A weighing hopper can be used to weigh cement, water and chemicals, to make sure that the measurement is accurate.

,with feature of small floor area coverage and simple installation and moving from site to site. It’s appropriate for water conservancy, the electrical energy, the railroad, the street, the tunnel, the arch of bridge, the harbor-wharf and so forth.


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