How You Can SUBDIVIDE 1 ACRE OF LAND IN KENYA FOR HOUSING Reasons. You will find 2 techniques to subdivide 1 acre of Land in Kenya. Method 1.Surveyor. This process you utilize a land surveyor to subdivide the land into 1/eighth acre plots. In many local government bodies in Kenya, the minimum plot dimensions are 1/eighth acre in dimensions. This process usually leads to 7 parcels of just oneOreighth acre plots per acre. Method 2. Architect Within this method you utilize to develop a housing estate plan and also have it authorized by the relevant local government bodies . Game titles are then released under sectional qualities act. This process produces typically 14 plots per acre.

Method 1. Surveyor Within this method, the land owner employs an authorized Physical Planner and Land Surveyor to develop a subdivision are accountable to be given to the appropriate Local Authority for approval. The report is presented within the council meeting and talked about through the technical commitee. Here, suggestions for example ceeding some land for social ammenities for example schools , plot size ,road size are heard. Suggestions for example if the streets to become murram grade or tarmac are heard. The Physical Planner and Land Surveyor will return to enter board and ammend the subdivision intend to comply with the council suggestions. When the council is content using the subdivision report through the Physical Planner and also the Surveyor, the Council Planner issues instructions approving the subdivision of land according to the interviewed plots and sets out problems that the land owner should meet prior to the Secretary of state for Lands problem game titles towards the plots. Such conditions include issues for example infrastructure development[streets, water, storm water drainage, sewer, comunication]. Generally, the council enables the land owner to become released with 30% from the title deeds to ensure that he/she will sell them off and away to finance infrastructure development. Once all of the conditions for subdivision as mentioned within the subdivision approval letter are met, the council inspects and issues instructions permitting the Secretary of state for Lands to problem all of the remaining game titles. The land owner takes the letter towards the Secretary of state for Lands to start processing individual land title deeds. This guarantees that no lands in Kenya is going to be subdivided into more compact plots without infrastructure development for example streets and sewers being set up through the land owner. This really is mainly enforced towards the letter in subdivisions around Nairobi CBD. Subdivisions farther from Nairobi CBD sometimes circumvent this requirement and game titles are released with no infrastructure whatsoever .

Advantages. Within this method, the purchasers from the 1/eighth acre plots can construct what they need as long as it adjusts towards the local authority requirments. Disadvantages. The land owner can’t subdivide the land into dimensions under 1/eighth hence less profits.

Method 2. Architect. Within this method, the land owner employs an authorized architect for example to develop a housing estate design. The architect submits enter towards the local authority planning department [development control section]. Here,the project is exposed to some technical commitee discussion where issues for example space for social ammenities, size streets , house unit design , building code conformity, sewerage disposal are analysed. Any suggestions and proposals are then relayed upon towards the architect for ammendments. When the architect ammends the look to adapt towards the council needs, the council grants the expansion. The architect pops up with sectional game titles underneath the sectional qualities act. An acre can normally produce 14 models. Advantages. The land owner might have more plots to market under sectional title[14 plots] instead of certificate of title[7 plots]. The plot purchasers don’t have to make an application for plan home loan approvals after they buy because this was already done. The plot value increases greater because the area becomes controlled in development since purchasers are only able to build the required building design with minor ammendments. This kind of example may be the estates alongside Imara Daima, off Mombasa road whereby once someone buys the plot, they’re released using the architectural intends to guide them regarding how to build. Disadvantages. Some plot purchasers want to purchase a plot and develop houses or more compact models for rental. Within this scenario, it is not possible unless of course some area of the plan have been pre-created for highrise structures.

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