How you can Remove Replace Samsung N110 NC10 ND10 Laptop Keyboard

Within this guide, the particular laptop is Samsung NC10. 1. Switch off your Samsung NC10 laptop. Take away the battery, and disconnect the energy adapter.

2. Turn laptops upside lower. It’s suggested that it’s put on something soft so they won’t scratch the lid. Take away the three screws labelled KBD and circled in red-colored within the image below. 3. Turn laptops go back over and open the screen. Now pry towards the top of the Samsung N Series Keyboard (the part nearest towards the screen), there might be some resistance because of some sticky pads and/or clips which contain the keyboard in position. Rotate the Samusng NC10 keyboard up 90-levels and lay it around the palm relaxation.

4. Discennect the ribbon cable in the system board. This is accomplished by pivoting the black connector upwards, the ribbon cable should then come loose.

You can now take away the Samsung laptop keyboard . Turn back procedure to set up the brand new Samsung NC10 Keyboard.

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