How You Can REDUCE CONSTRUCTION COST BY OVER 200%. PART 2. SUPERSTRUCTURE[Walling, Doorways, Home windows, Roof]

How You Can REDUCE CONSTRUCTION COST BY OVER 200%. PART 2. SUPERSTRUCTURE[Walling, Doorways, Home windows, Roof] The Haiti House type continues to be designd by to lessen 50 plusPercent of construction costs within the superstructure[walling, home windows, doorways, roof]. Waling. Internal walling is made to carefuly lessen the costs of internal wall plaster through design. In every room, the device-cut stone walling is plastered on couple of sides. Another two sides are keyed and left natural or colored to develop a tough texture that suits well using the overal interior decorating of the home. This automatcally reduces 50 plus % of internal wall finishes mainly plaster and fresh paint. The Two bedromed Haiti House Plan has roughly 100 square meters of internal wall surface. If 1 / 2 of the top is unplastered , this can lead to a savings of KES 10,000. If half the interior wall surface isn’t colored, this can lead to an additional savings of KES 10,000. This can be a classic illustration of using interior planning like a tool to save costs since an area loks beter when some surface is of the different textue and colour form another. Wall to Ceiling Height. A higher wall height implies that there’s more area for walling, plaster and fresh paint. The Haiti House Plan includes a 2.4meter wall to ceiling height. This reduces any unnecessary wall height hence getting the expense considerably lower.This leads to a 20% decrease in the expense of walling, plaster and fresh paint. Home windows. Window costs have beed reduced by usignthe louvre window system. A 1meter squared louvre system wil cost as much as KES 2,000 including work. A feet period of 6 inches thick louvre glass 5mm thick applies to KES 50 . A set of louvre rotor blades choose KES 80. The Haiti house plan home windows are roughly 1meter squared in dimensions. Using the louvre system on half the space, this is 75 KES x 7 pieces for glass =KES 525. For that window louvre system, this is KES 80 per pair x 7 = KES 560. The entire is going to be KES 1085 plus fixed glass KES 350 =KES 1435.Add twenty percent for work and transoprt to site =KES 1722. This signifies over sixty percent reduction on costs in comparison to presenting the most popular steel casement glass windows. Doorways. Utilization of colour to articulate the flush door frames and leafs goes a lengthy means by saving costs. The overal colour plan of whitened versus black may be used to articulate the doorway opening using the door leaf colored whitened having a black door frame. A typical flush door costs KES 1800 plus KES 900 for that frame =KES 2700. Roof. The Haiti house deesign utilizes a -flat’ roof like a design also to keep costs down. The flatter a roof is, the minus the area it covers. The rooftop slope of 6 levels looks flat towards the eye but is actually 6 levels in slope in order to drain water towards the gutter system. This design helps make the Haiti house plan look unique and leads to ovr 50% in roof costs saving. The Haiti house design includes a roofer 45 square meters. The flat roof also guarantees that there’s less timber for roof support because the walling will offer the primary roof trusses hence an additional savings on roof timber costs. Using gauge 30 roofing sheets which retail at KES 260 per square meter or gauge 32 rofing shets selling at KES 215 per square meters, the roofing costs is going to be KES 260 X 45M2 =KES 11,700 for gauge 30 and KES 9675 for gauge 32 that is lighter. CONCLUSION. In line with the above cost-cutting measures, the 45 square meters house will definitely cost roughly KES 297,000 to accomplish . This really is KES 6,600 per square meters. Based on the Nairobi City Council planning department, the present construction cost per square meter is KES 22,000. Therefore, the Haiti House plan design signifies a whooping 233 % savings on construction costs. Francis Gichuhi Kamau 254721410684

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