How you can install throw over saddlebags in your motorcycle

I authored this short article particularly for Harley Sportster motorcycles additionally, it is applicable other motorcycles

We sell an excellent type of quality bargain listed motorcycle saddlebags in a variety of styles that suit a wide array bikes. About daily I recieve an e-mail asking about fitting the baggage on the specific bike.

Before we begin let us make certain they’ll fit:

Let us assume you are looking at a number of my great leather throw-overs that measure: 14″ WIDE X 7″ THICK X 11″ TALL

Which means that each bag is 14 inches lengthy (measured flat), seven inches thick and 11 inches tall (measured up and down)

First Measure from the top your pipes or chain (when the chain is unguarded), whichever is greater, to the foot of your chair. You’ll need one foot, when the dimension is less do not buy the baggage too tall. Don’t be concerned concerning the shocks. Throw overs review the shocks.


1. Remove your chair. Most Sportster motorcycle seats are removed by unscrewing the Philips mind screw situated powering the chair. Slide the chair forward while lifting up slightly to remove the keyhole bracket in the chair publish. Then slide the chair towards the rear to remove the chair tongue in the rear tank bracket. The operation is exactly the same for solo and 2-up seats.

2. The yoke is negligence the baggage that matches underneath the chair. Unlace the yoke, position both bags within the location you would like them to remain. Overlap one for reds from the yoke within the other. Utilizing a marker, mark in which the yoke lays over any impeding hardware and also the outline of periphery from the upper yoke where it overlaps the low wing from the yoke. Note: The saddlebags typically lay within the shocks. Some saddlebags are provided by having an additional yoke extender for use with extra -wide bikes. This really is typically unnecessary.

3. Lay the baggage out flat, put the yoke over wood, phone book or something like that similar. Line the marks up that you simply produced in step two. The present holes work with the huge most of motorcycles.

When the holes don’t fall into line, make use of an awl, ice pick or drill making about six holes through both bits of the yoke. Make use of the bit of leather strip to lace them together.

NOTE: Of all motorcycles there is no need to create new holes. Some mixture of the present holes should fit.

4. Put the saddlebags in your bike. Re-install the chair. Make use of the lower tie downs to secure the foot of the baggage.

5. Provide your bike your final safety check. Make certain the chair and saddlebags feel at ease and also the bags cannot are exposed to your wheel, spokes, belt or chain.

Of course don’t stab, slice, fold, spindle or mutilate yourself while using the sharp instruments!

NOTE: I’ve been getting lots of queries about throw over bags fitting various motorcycles. Throw overs are made to match your motorcycle without modifying your bike. They sometimes review the shocks and while watching signal lights. Some Harley motorcycle sellers happen to be telling people who throw over saddlebags bags won’t match your bike. Then they sell you hundreds of dollar , sometimes on the 1000 dollar group of bags. Measure your bike and choose on your own! Regrettably a few of these people either have no idea or are prepared to lie to be able to create a purchase.

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