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Thane, also known as as “Shri Sthanak”, is locatedin the condition of Maharashtra. Thane, situated in an altitude of approximately 7 meters above ocean level, is encircled through the Yeoor and Parsik Hillsides. Thane is also called the -Lake City’ because the city consists of around 30 ponds. Earlier, Thane was underneath the rule of Portuguese, the Marathas and so the British. The Portuguese found Thane in 1530 also it was ruled by them in excess of two centuries till 1739. The town of Thane includes a mixed culture because this place is lived on by Marathis, North Indians, South Indians, Sindhis, Gujaratis and Marwaris. Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Gokulashtami and Durga Puja are some of the most significant festivals celebrated within the town of Thane.

A few of the other areas to go to around the town of Thane include Yeoor Hillsides, Tikuji-ni-Wadi, Essel World, Water World, Bassein (Vasai), Titwala Ganesh Mandir, Ambarnath, Ganeshpuri, Suddhagad Fort, Kashi and Mira towns and also the Jawhar Structure.Thane can also be popular for a lot of tourist points of interest which are historic monuments, ancient temples, and scenic locations. A few of the primary ponds in Thane are Masunda Talao and Upvan Lake. Thane also provides outings to non secular spots like Gurudev Sidha Peeth of Ganeshpuri and Titwala Ganesh Mandir.The town of Pune can be found in the convergence of two rivers Mula and Mutha within the condition of Maharashtra. Referred to as -Cultural Capital’ from the condition, Pune includes a glorious good reputation for 1600 years of age. The town has lots of exclusive educational facilities and also the city is frequently known as the -Oxford from the East’. A few of the famous institutions are Military Medical College, Film and tv Institute asia, Symbiosis Educational Society and National Defense Academy. A few of the points of interest of Pune include Pataleshwar rock-cut temple and also the War Memorial for that great Maratha heroes.

Regular trains for example Madurai Express, Indrayani Express, Intercity Express, Deccan Express and Koyna Express go through Thane from Pune. These trains take around 3 hrs to achieve Thane. Train is the greatest choice to travel from Pune to Thane that is very comfortable. All trains except Madurai Express operate on all days. Madurai Express runs only on Fridays.Taxis charge Rs. 3100/- to achieve Pune to Thane. This cab is perfect for four people. For seven people it is Rs. 4300/- for round trip. Taxis will also be another convenient mode of transport towards the vacationers.For those who have your personal vehicle it requires roughly 2 hrs 10 minutesto cover the length of 148 km based upon the automobile.You will find lots of hotels in Thane that are within the groups of medium luxury, budget and hostels. Budget hotels are comfy in addition to cheap.

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