How Facebook privacy configurations in your Kindle

Reading through great books should not be any loner. Using its Kindle e-book Readers 3, you are able to your preferred books once the passages or interesting quotes and also the rate from the amount that you simply loved the most recent bestseller together with your buddies on Facebook privacy configurations. Using the network functionality of the Kindle, you can include comments from the Kindle Facebook privacy configurations.

Difficulty: Easy



Press the “Menu” around the Kindle. 2

Scroll lower and choose Configurations. 3

Visit the second page from the Setup screen, scroll lower and choose “Manage internet sites.” 4

Facebook privacy configurations within the “Social MediaInch screen scroll. 5

Enter your e-mail and password, then “Link Account.” Click Amazon . com Kindle links inside your account together with your face book privacy configurations account. 6

Highlight a passage record, or perhaps an index of the book, and choose “Save and Share” in the menu. Or, press “Alt” and “back” buttons concurrently. Amazon . com instantly their selection, note or comment released for your Facebook privacy configurations page.

Tips & Hints

Make certain your

account is to establish to simply accept third-party programs. Should you set the privacy configurations to refuse to see others, you can’t link your Facebook privacy configurations and also the Kindle.

You are able to only rate books that you simply purchase within the Kindle Store.

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