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The Term -Mallu aunties- in India can be used for mentioning any ladies who is near to Mother’s age. In US, aunty can be used for mentioning sister of parent. In India, most of mallu aunties are married and remain home for household work. In metropolitan metropolitan areas like delhi, bombay, and banglore we are able to see plenty of working class mallu aunties that cope-track of both house hold work as well as their professional existence.

In India, mallu aunties usually fall within the age bracket of early 30’s to late 40’s. Their traditional dress is Saree. In certain northern region, Punjabi suit can also be combined with Saree. Saree is essentially a 2-layered dress where inner layer consists of a good top along with a lengthy skirt like bottom. Top of the layer is transparent and smooth cloth that covers inner bottom and top. Essentially, Saree discloses complete figure of mallu aunties and that is among the primary reason why makes Indian mallu aunties so attractive. The majority of the mallu aunties have very lengthy fur with nice well-built body.

The majority of Indian boys within the age bracket of 18 to early twenty’s aren’t thinking about the lady’s of the age bracket. Remarkably, they are curious about mallu aunties. Nearly every grown-up Indian guy let you know a tale about his activity aunty. Oftentimes, this favorite aunty is next-door recently wedded aunty or youthful science or math’s teacher. In nearly every man’s story, this favorite aunty remains in fantasy rather than finish-track of Physical relationship.

This -aunty- attraction was initially uncovered in a single of raj kapoor’s movie where very youthful school boy start falling deeply in love with his class teacher. Within this movie all of this attraction began if this boy first saw her altering towels throughout a college trip. Another movies was -ek choti see love story- where a teen-age boy got attracted towards next building sexy unmarried aunty. Everything began if this boy saw her while she was taking shower even though aunty was having sex together with her boy friend.

Nearly every boy and -aunty- story begins with physical attraction and becomes fantasy love story. Based on a current survey, 70 percent upper middle-class married males have recently married a woman that some how appeared as if the aunty they loved within their teen age. It’s interesting to understand that websites like has more site visitors than many Indian matrimonial sites because on above website many Indian mallu aunties upload their photo’s for rating and also the aunty with maximum votes becomes top sexy aunty of the season.

Regardless of how attractive Indian mallu aunties are, I recommend steer clear.

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