Horiba ABX Hematology Analyzers

Hematology analyzers are used to perform analysis of blood cells and count and differentiate platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Available with all leading manufacturers, Horiba ABX hematology analyzers are perfect options for research facilities or hospital settings that need high throughput and reticulocyte analysis. s.

Horiba Hematology Analyzers Deliver Premium Performance

Horiba, formerly known as ABX Diagnostics, offers in a variety of models to efficiently tackle the research requirements of small clinics, multi-specialty hospitals and physician’s office laboratories. The popular models include ABX Micros 60, ABX Micros 45, ABX ABC Vet, ABX Pentra 120 and ABX Pentra 60C+. Among these, the ABX ABC Vet model is a fully automated veterinary hematology analyzer that is highly suitable to measure 8 CBC parameters in ten different animal species.

All the models of these hematology analyzers ensure greater reliability, flexibility and ease of use. The devices ensure premium performance by delivering accurate diagnostic results within a short span of time.

Convenient Features and Advanced Technology

Horiba ABX hematology analyzers can be even used as a back-up for larger hematology systems in contemporary research settings. To offer researchers greater convenience, the various models of these hematology analyzers are incorporated with outstanding features. Some of the options that can be found in ABX Pentra 120 model include:

48 hour post-draw stability
SPS option (automatic slide-maker)
Bar code reader in open and closed mode
Programmable flag sensitivity
Continuous feed flexibility
DHSS technology
Walk away rack loading
Throughput rate of 120 samples/hour (CBC/CBC+5DIFF/5 Diff + Retic).
Capability to provide 26 parameters, 5-pt differential, and reticulocyte count (RET)

Innovative models of come with facilities for closed tube sampling, microsampling from whole blood (CBC: 30uL, DIFF 53uL) and data management on stand-alone PC. They also have MDSS (Multi Distribution Sampling System) technology and Windows NT platform. Coordinated with advance technology and easy-to-use features, ABX hematology analyzers notably improve the efficiency of your research facility.

Get the Best Model at Affordable Prices

Online stores are the best place to purchase Horiba ABX hematology analyzers. Reputable distributors offer premium products at affordable prices, service contracts and dedicated post-sales support.

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