his eyes continued to stare at Li Zhonghe

He Jie was cold, his eyes continued to stare at Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin ,looking at the two brothers continue to drink, tucked into the donkey meat noodles ,looks like with no alcohol ,clear .
Suddenly ,Ge Bin the crowd ,looking directly at ten meters away from the desk where he Jie Jie ,this also is moving in here come ,two eyes all of a sudden crash together .He Jie looked like a usual as usual lake lake not the slightest waves ,Ge Bin ,deep as the sparkling stars in the sky .
Li Zhonghe also felt Ge Bin ,he just turned down Ge Bin ,look ,gaze at the sky and He Jie gaze .Suddenly, his heart thumped the table ,he felt the opposite the man on the deja vu .
Li Zhonghe remarkable memories ,he pulled Ge Bin ,whispered: ,do you know that man ? Deja vu. Ge Bin smile . I know . Li Zhonghe also laughed . Do you know ?No wonder he always looked at you ,he has been following you for a long time .
Ge Bin light tunnel . Well, did you? Li Zhonghe was a little tight ,said: do you know who he is ? I had been thinking of this question . Ge Bin . Want to come out ? Li Zhonghe smile .
Ge Bin violently shook his head, a face of indifference .Li River with a smile : that man is a friend of Dai Qiangqiang . A powerful ? Ge Bin missed a beat ,once again turned eyes drinking alone he jie .
Look at that memory, also special forces was born ! Li looked down the river at Ge Bin, whispered : into the three section is something that ,we are brother to northeast restaurant at that time in the dining room video out ,at the time, with Dai Qiangqiang sitting on a few, there is the person ! Oh ,I remember ! Ge Bin patted the forehead ,large eyes bright ,said: in the river ,I advise you to drink less wine, but also because of his ! Li River : I know, Dai Qiangqiang is sure to stare at us ,or that they were specifically for me ! Ge Bin nodded ,dark Chan Li River wise ,said: to Xie County micro visit ,today we are brothers do not be meddlesome .
Say ,Ge Bin was very clear ,Li River this kid can be a very troubled man ,who dares to bully him ,he can never be willing to surrender ,he certainly was a complete shambles don !He had Ge Bin from the public security bureau deputy director post was kicked in the petition office ,previously with Xie county undertook deep conversations ,he did not want such a thing and let their name in the crow county official passed .
Ge Bin is more mature and calm Li river .In fact ,Li River is also want to stir up trouble !Dai Yonghua took Xie Tiancheng to the city to listen to expert lecture time ,had more severe in the Poverty Alleviation Office kicked in the archives of Dermatology ,is inadmissible ,you Dai Yonghua I played ,your son with me .
I will work hard ,Sue ?Fuck me tonight ,to you and your father two get lose all standing and reputation !When Li River was the idea when, in the periphery of donkey meat barbecue shop ,three white Iveco quietly on the tall leafy tree, the car has eighteen tall man hand chains ,steel pipe ,dagger ,long saber and other weapons ,they face a murderous ,eyes staring at donkey meat barbecue shop .
A 30-year-old man ,the steel pipe is inserted into the waist ,not bored tunnel: Li River that he did not come out? Hey ,I can ,early accounts put the boy away ,my brothers go to drink .
Drink ! A man Yin Yin tunnel: stay the Li River that kid was solved, we immediately leave the crow town ! Sorry? I say happy ,Dai Qiangqiang for us ,we fear that a bird !The crow County ,who dare with Dai Qiangqiang ?His father was Secretary of county Party committee ! I don help the busy Dai Qiangqiang ! Voice abnormalities dark dragon sighed ,said: Dai Qiangqiang normally on our brother is also good ,they opened the port ,had to help ah !Since there are a lot of things not to let him out ! Well ,strong on our brother is really good .
Dragon man spat behind a thick smoke : my garage can down it ,are all covered in behind Qiang Qiang . Oh ,I say if you last boss ,Qiang Qiang head ,the people helps deficient up to do three clerk was beaten half alive ,if not the father of Qiang Qiang come forward, I am afraid you kid.
Now stay in cages . Happy smile .If the boss was one Up : Yeah, powerful occupied, we help the brothers ,you must give his face ,Li River that guy I dislike ! Ha ha ,Gou brother ,you last eight against Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin ,I do all alive ,today you can bear ! Longge dig .
If the boss is not angry, every single word or phrase to say: happy ,man last though hit the Li River that boy hands ,it is because man drank a lot ,and, after the last incident ,Li Zhonghe I and Ge Bin is very familiar with ,hey hey .
Old Gou ,you should tell us ,Li River and Ge Bin each combined would how ? Longge asked .If the elder son smiled ,and said: Li River can play ah ,really can play !I will the boy out ,the brothers must be quick ,make a lightning decision ,don wake up to god ! Happy smile : I have seen the Li River ,height less than eight meters ,we eighteen people ah ,is scared to put him to death ,and there is a hotel ,where he Jie Jie ,more powerful ah ,but that the first fighter ,he estimated that a person can the Li River to down ! .
.. … Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin have stopped drinking ,they see through the window outside the hotel, parked three white Iveco Iveco ,and saw the car a little a bit of flickering cigarette butts ,seems to be both a fierce ruthless eyes .
Ge Bin is worthy of special forces origin, although the battle yet to come ,but he was but one Up ,he habitually touched the waist ,the waist wears a string of keys ,keys hanging on a row of eight one type automatic rifle bullet shells ,each bullet casings are smooth shiny ,but each one shell bottom there is a drilling out of the hole ,Ge Bin hands holding the cartridge case ,quickly felt around, a row of cartridge case was subtly connected ,forming a shell composed of shell stick the number .
This singular stick ,can be long or short ,Ge Bin quickly will stick into ten cm length compressed into the pocket, unnoticed .Li Zhonghe is also a Danran the look ,he immediately telephoned Shang Xinyan ,said in a low voice : I in the East donkey fire shop ,coming up the fight ,you immediately contacted Zhao Qing and Ren Yingying ,if they can come in time ,that is the best however , otherwise ,they will miss a good play .
Li River mouth that touch on lightly ,but to Shang Xinyan it was a very important news ,she immediately said to Li Zhonghe : Zhao Qing and Ren Yinggang come to town ,we eat it ,just want to call you ,okay ,you hold ,we will take about ten minutes to .
You to Donkey Meat fire door stop ,stay in the car not to come out ,so we go out, you immediately shot down . Li River said . Well ,we listen to you ,we will give you a call ,a best angle .
Shang Xinyan smile .Zhao Qing and Ren Ying perennial engaged in journalism ,listen to the words of Shang Xinyan, you also didn ,immediately let Shang Xinyan find a car ,rushed toward the east come runnin .
For them ,a piece of good news is a big fish ,is not sleep do not eat without rest will seize it !After Li Zhonghe called Shang Xinyan after Xie Tiancheng mobile phone ,immediately dial .
Xie Tiancheng immediately picked up the phone .Li Zhonghe put their own understanding of the situation made a report to Xie Tiancheng one one .Xie Tiancheng listened to the Li River ,be startled at the at the same time ,the struggle with blood began to boil up .

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