Herbal Relief for Blemishes Due to the Hormones of Youth

Many boys and girls between the ages of nine and 13 begin to experience the hormonal changes of puberty, which can often mean the appearance of various skin diseases that produce blemishes in various parts of the body-most noticeably the face-resulting in ongoing breakouts. And having skin blemishes, especially when you are an adolescent, can be a socially stressful reality that, unfortunately, may increase hormones and cause you to break out with even more unwanted blemishes.

There are many recommended ways of seeking blemish relief, and depending upon the individual, some are more effective than others. People of a certain generation can recall being taught to wash one’s face in the morning with cold water to open up the pores, use an astringent (that dries the skin of the excess oil that plays a role in producing breakouts, and so on) and soap to kill bacteria, and to be sure not to pop any blemishes in the square center of the face around your nose.

Such methods of seeking blemish relief are somewhat limited, but can be preventative. Other preventive measures may be found in products that combine herbal extracts and supplements to alleviate suffering caused by skin issues and bring users some measure of blemish relief.

Creams or cleansers with Chinese herbal ingredients such as Huang Qin (Scutellaria baicalensis) have often been proven to be effective in helping to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory skin breakouts and other bacterial diseases. Its anti-microbial properties help to destroy and limit the growth of the bacteria that causes blemishes, while its anti-inflammatory properties may be used for the relief of more overt symptoms.

Da Feng Zi (taraktogenos kurzii) is another Chinese herb, a seed extract that historically was used in helping lepers to cope with their symptoms. In correct dosages, it can also be an effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent for procuring blemish relief. For nearly a century, Western medicine has also embraced this herb for use in anti-bacterial applications, as well, primarily in providing treatment for lepers.

These Chinese herbal ingredients can be found in correct proportions in various astringent cleansers and lotions, prepared through scientific rigor to relieve particular symptoms when taken in the correct dosage. They may not necessarily work with everyone, but in most cases, they are effective.

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