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Manufacturers went to great lengths to reduce cabin pressure and noise, making the flight less annoying and tiresome, and more enjoyable. In each seat, passengers have access to a phone and fax machine.

To purchase a Boeing Business Jet 2, you’d have to pay a whopping $55-million. But unless you’re John Travolta, renting this bad boy out for a business trip is probably the best way to go. The steep price, however, does buy a lot.ot.

You get the reliability of 2 CFM International CFM56-7 turbofans with 117.4kN thrust each, which is all the power you could ever need. You also get one of the most luxurious rides of your life, time and time again. The spacious and stylish cabin exterior resembles the world’s finest luxury hotel suites. And if you’re lucky enough to stay in the master bedroom, you probably couldn’t tell the difference.

2 crew members fly the jet, and some BBJ2 models can carry up to 63 passengers. It has a length of 39.47 meters, wingspan of 35.79 meters, height of 12.05 meters, and weighs over 100,000 pounds when empty. It’s not exactly dainty, but the BBJ2 is a world-class private jet that everyone should experience a ride in at least once.

William Randolph Hearst I is one of the most famous Americans in the country’s short history. Moreover, his family name, Hearst, rivals that of the Rockefeller’s. Hearst was also the inspiration for Citizen Kane, often considered one of the all-time greatest movies.

Not only is the man’s name famous, but his home has an equally impressive resume. Fans of classic cinema may remember the first Godfather movie. In the classic scene where the horse head ends up in bed – that takes place in Hearst’s mansion. His beautiful mansion is currently for sale on the market.

Hearst purchased the home in 1947 for $120,000 – a lot of money at the time – and its most recent owner, Leonard M. Ross, who purchased the home in 1967, put it on the market in 2006 with a price tag of $165-million.

Even with up-to-date inflation, it just doesn’t seem fair, does it? If you’re among the select few on the planet with the means and desire to purchase one of the world’s most famous mansions, your new six-acre estate will situate you beside neighbors the likes of Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, and David and Victoria Beckham.

There are 29 bedrooms in Hearst’s Beverly Hills Mansion, and the home is situated on 6.5 acres of prime California real estate. The outside of the home is pink stucco, not changing much from its original d?cor. The inside of the mansion is riddled with billionaire must-haves, like its own disco, three separate swimming pools, a large movie theater, huge bathrooms, gourmet kitchens, and much, much more.

It’s not only one house you’re purchasing for the price tag. Hearst Mansion – the H-shaped centerpiece – is the main dwelling on the estate, but there are also three other homes and an apartment and separate cottage for the on-site security staff.

The mansion is also well-known for being the spot John F.

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