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Rotational molder HedstromPlastics, in recent years, has purchased small custom molders, anexercise ball business, and now something really big — rotomoldedtrash dumpsters. Hedstrom recently bought Nuwave Container LLC from Richard Maggio,who will stay on as a consultant. Terms were not disclosed. Now Hedstrom officials are moving two large rotomolding machines, aFerry 370 and a Ferry 280, from Nuwave”s plant in Santa Ana,Calif., to Ashland, where they will run in a 45,000-square-footleased building.

“We”re in the midst of dismantling these machines andshipping them to Ashland,” Hedstrom President and CEO JimBraeunig said. Nuwave makes bins that hold up to eight cubic yards. The one-piecedumpster, rotomolded from high density polyethylene, weighs abouthalf as much as the classic steel dumpster. “They”re much lighter weight. They don”t rust.They don”t need to be repaired on a regular basis,”Braeunig said.

The plastic bins can be stacked for easy Kitchen Storage Container andtransportation. Also, they can handle heavy organic waste such asfood scraps, which can degrade steel as they decompose, he said. Hedstrom needs the leased space because the company does not haveroom to mold the dumpsters in its new headquarters plant in aformer Wal-Mart in Ashland, Braeunig said. “We feel we can grow this business,” Braeunig said.”We feel that it can be a substantial piece of ourbusiness.” California-based Nuwave Container did some of its own rotationalmolding, at Superior Rotomolding, and also used a network ofrotomolders in other areas. Braeunig said Hedstrom will take that same approach, building aregional strategy that can ship to commercial waste haulers aroundthe country.

From its Ashland operation, Hedstrom will cover eastof the Mississippi River. Hedstrom also will subcontract withRotational Molding Inc. in Gardena, Calif. “We”ll probably also be using Meese Orbitron Dunne fortheir plant in [La Mirada] California,” he said. Depending on demand and freight shipping costs, Hedstrom may alsoset up trash container operations in the southeast and east coastregions, Braeunig said.

A key innovation-covered by patents-is molded-inlifting pockets, the tube-shaped area that the lifting forks on agarbage truck slide into to raise the bin. Braeunig said other rotomolded dumpsters use bolted-on metallifting tubes. Nuwave literature claims the brand is “theonly unibody dumpster in the waste industry.” Braeunig said some competitors may be violating the Nuwave patents,and Hedstrom is now checking that out. Hedstrom officials visited Nuwave”s plant to look atrotomolding machines that were for sale. They discovered thecompany was available, Braeunig said.

“We continue to look for good acquisitions,” he said. The Nuwave deal follows a series of purchases at Hedstrom Plastics,a division of Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc.: Just a few weeks ago, Hedstrom acquired exclusive worldwidedistribution rights to the Bosu line of fitness ball products.Hedstrom will manufacture the Bosu line. In 2009, Hedstrom bought Diamond Plastics Inc., a customrotomolder in Dunkirk, Ohio, Hedstrom acquired another Ohio rotomolder, North CoastCustom Molding Inc., in 2010, and moved it from Carey, Ohio, to theDiamond plant in nearby Dunkirk. Hedstrom Plastics is owned by a group of veteran managers, whobought the Ashland rotomolding factory in 2004, after swing setcompany Hedstrom Corp. closed down.
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