He was called to the ghosts

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultEight two people in the battlefield rear turn a ,found not find several bodies intact !Thought a thought of reason :one ,when Yaksha ,apparently not only the two of them ,the beginning who are small hag came, small dragon fighting force be poor and blank ,a battlefield ,do not hit, they feel insecure sometimes, just have a war ,they were inadvertently killed .
It is careless ,who would deliberately to kill them ?An inexperienced two money ,play is a waste of time too ,too hurt .Thus ,the beginning of the small demon, is certainly in the battlefield rear scattered corpses ,make their first pot of gold .
You can get to I also fishing ,nature also is scooped out .If you want to be ,unless the mountain character outbreak ,and a large charge ,will greatly down the mountain passes in front of .
Or is the foot of the character big eruption ,the front is greatly to the mountain passes .The up and down ,again ,like the quantum fluctuations ,like the earth tide ,always continue to occur ,a wave is in constant fluctuation ,the waves rose and fell ,is the small fork are gold opportunity .
For now they could find battlefield rear ,it is many times before the cycle before ,on the beach left traces in waves ,sands ,first advanced Yaksha are borrowed away .But this time, unfortunately, is the mountain side of the retreat time .
Battlefield getting down, when eight two people ,also pushed more and more into retreat .And with them ,there are many peer Yaksha ,these are potential competitors .They are waiting, waiting for the mountain .
The mountain coming soon .As the mountain people fighting the passion and energy depletion ,one one ,be tired out team ,also began to retreat .Then in the mountain of recuperate and build up energy for a long time team, also began to put back .
In this world, some people like to play in battle, followed the tide to cheap ,too utilitarian ,some people like playing against the wind to battle, in the tough environment, their own strength .
Like be firm and secure hits downwind battle ,or the majority, it is these people ,while sometimes move ,put in move ,consciously or unconsciously ,pushing the battlefield this falls together waves .
Give small hag who created a gold opportunity .Along with the mountain wind team team team follow up into the battlefield, the boys on the front ,and one point one points to the mountain passes .
The small fork ,like the smell of bee pollen ,dispatchs in succession ,fall over each other ,scrambling .When the eight and down small two person, eight take the lead ,then break down small .
It is easy to hide the gun out ,but .In front of the danger eight can see and survive ,but if someone in the back pull their legs ,in eight it cannot withstand ,so sometimes only eight before, after the formation of Tang Xiaozai .
Two people by appealing to the instinct to running up the mountain to .The skill of too much gas ,a small fork little body ,not to like this in eight ,when there is a somersault cloud ,but it is now clearly are not suitable for putting out ,when the target is not so as .
They still use the most original run .Fortunately, we are the same .I have to take the lead to rush forward ,will be behind the horse pulled the hind legs .In contrast ,or those it has advanced cover with the game player most comfortable .
Can be caught in the senior team, like a soldier with the rush .Like this with the younger generation ,is consciously hits downwind battle .Also coming in a large force .Eight two did not find cover ,temporarily but tragedy with large forces behind the soup .
On the system of auxiliary, the battlefield, half of the body ,are dark state ,said body damage ,very serious ,unsuitable for ghost soldier ,of course if the game player just like to do that, the system does not stop .
System of this function ,it is a very convenient tips .The other half ,is a normal state ,expressed largely intact ,can be a soldier .The two soon in a cadaver found a pair of available material ,just closely adjacent, one ,the quality of what is not said, what basis do not have ,have action action ,not pay attention to when .
The respective to a sound body ,two people started to sing for soul music . The returned soul .Oriental may not go .The returned soul ,the South may not go .The returned soul ,the west can not go .
The returned soul ,can not go up north . The four sentence .It is called the soul of the simplified version .Thus ,the dirty ah , or game player complained that cannot read .
Your sister a modal particle with a usage ,you have what good does not understand . ah would you ah !Ah ? In this regard, forum is about the God you so .He said, some game player read the time, sometimes unconsciously read as soul returns ,Oriental can go ah .
.. … He also works .The small ancient ,eight said there is no pressure ,by contrast ,he was amazed at the Tang small God perseverance .The song called soul songs of the south ,eight also saw ,but does not get back ,let alone look like Tang Xiaona ,there is no pressure to sing out, not only sing ,sing then hit off ,or might seem quite genuine quite original flavor of Zigui Chu – singing .
This requires too much talent ,so need persistence .When eight know Tang small ,talent he is no ,not zero, is fundamental for negative .From primary school classmate moment, he knew Tang Xiao, the students, often endorsement back out ,either the dorsal or channeling the wrong word ,sentence ,or simply forgot all .
Like the four specifications of the words composing five such good points ,at least not in the number of words is wrong .Like the kind of long and short sentences, writing something ,always called him a headache extremely Tucao object .
So make an endorsement talent fundamental negative people ,sing an original flavor of the Chu cavity called soul difficulty ,one can imagine ,the inevitable need God in general .
It is one minute on the stage, the stage takes ten years of practice .Indeed ,God down small memory ,this time played a powerful, so simple four libretto, has also been he sing sing fork .
Is no longer sing Mandarin simplified version of soul Quartet called ,but sings original Chu cavity called soul .Does he not feel the lyrics too long ?This time, eight have the back end of the four sentence Quartet called soul music ,a ghost in the sky ,from rolling shade consisting of cloud drop, drilling eight unselected cadavers .
Struggling for a good ,he knelt down to eight ,when worship three times ,said to eight .The first soldier ,successful harvest !And they quite near ,the remaining small hag ,also received the first pot of gold ,leaving a clean finish alluvial gold beach ,small hag who follow troop continue to advance on hill .
More on the way up, combined body is certainly more .Gradually, the nearby ,only two of them .Tang small there still diligently singing .Completely ignoring the outside amidst the winds of change .
Expressions are very calm ,not a bit worried .Eight not desert him, to hold him .Watching him play any tricks .The returned soul !The North could not stop .Add ice ,Mindanao ,snow thousands of miles .
Return return !Not longer !Finally ,east of Tang Xiaocong sing ,sing to the north ,here ,he has to sing again ,the ghosts are all impatient .There was a flash from the cloud drop dead .
!What a big league ! When eight was scared .He was called to the ghosts, although no attention, but the size of what, can still see .Only a small point ,periphery is a faint halo .
The surrounding small Yaksha called soul scene ,he also did not pay attention to see ,but if no notice ,apparently not too surprising things for attention .If there is a person called to the Tang small so big a group of ghosts, do not concentrate, will pay attention to .
Absolutely. Because Tang Xiaozhao ghost ,not just the size, but ,especially bright .If say eight called down the ghost ,is a thumb-sized firefly ,then Tang Xiaozhao down the ghost ,is a basin size night pearl !Two two in contrast ,Tang Xiaozhao down dead ,regardless of actual strength how ,modeling ,is also a very aggressive !Too aggressive !Not only form the domineering, strength is also very domineering !Because very soon ,in eight found ,was called off ghosts, into the body ,nothing at all like the eight that the ghost ,obedient submission ,but himself stood up ,looked at his new body ,frowned ,seems to be expressed very unsatisfactory .
Not seem ,is really not satisfied !He spoke !He was attached to the body ,do two preparatory action ,to !Immediately openings !I saw the new ghost lift my head ,a single finger down small ,shouting : this body so frail !Do not deserve this seat !Junior !You ,why I called in such a poor !Why.

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