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Svend Andersen , Marc Jenni , Kazes Jean and Antoine Preziuso present their latest collections and works of art in the exhibition space. “It’s a real honor to welcome these prestigious watchmakers. AHCI participating in the Working Group is part of the logic and continuity of our mission: to promote the art of the time in Geneva and beyond its borders “, cites Florence Nol , Director of the Exhibition.

AHCI was awarded the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve 2010 when its members were awarded the special jury prize for outstanding contribution to the beautiful watch.

Here are some notes on the four members who will participate in AHCI GTE 2012:

Antoine Preziuso – The Art of Fine Timepieces

A pioneer of adventure Geneva Time Exhibition, Antoine Preziuso back to the fair with a very special work of art called the GTS – Grand Tourbillon Sport. While many brands want to conquer space, Antoine Preziuso keep both feet on the ground and feeds his passion for racing, reinterpreting its tourbillon movement in a box designed in house, made ??of a sleek new material, “ChromeCobalt”.

Svend Andersen – Contemporary Art Svend Andersen is sometimes called the “Watchmaker of the Impossible” because it can leave your mouth open the whole world with amazing creations and inventions. To remember the exploits of the “clock bottle” – created in 1969, “1884” a clock “hours of the world” which tells the fascinating story of the inventor of the 24 time zones, or Hebraka, a wristwatch with the Jewish calendar, which has created with Alain Silberstein Svend … A true exploits of mechanics. It is an extraordinary artist.

Marc Jenni – A Unique Experience Winding Marc Jenni has never wanted to become a watchmaker. Well, fortunately for all lovers of watches, he began an apprenticeship at the age of sixteen and has started his career in New York at Tiffany & Co. In 2008, he was ready to open his own company. For its first participation in the GTE, Marc Jenni Prologue will present his creations, with a black ring that rotates around the entire box, and JJJ, reminding the wearer of the planets associated with days of the week.

Jean Kazes – Sculptural Clockmaker Since 1972, Jean Kazes has made a name with its carved clocks and watches. These pieces illustrate the purity of both movements – simple or complicated (perpetual calendars, astronomical representations, universal hours, ringing in step …). These works of art are a symbol of the delicate balance struck between in-depth mastery of a watchmaker and contemporary design.

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