Full Name:Hazrat Shaikh.Ul.Islam Ghous.Ul.Aalmin Bahauddin Baha-ul-Haq Zakariya Multani Soharwardi Al.Asadi Al.Hashmi (rahmatullah alaih)

Father,s Name:Hazrat Sheikh Wajeehuddin Muhammad Ghous (rahmatullah alaih)

Mother,s Name:Hazrat Bibi Fatima (rahmatullah alaiha),desendent of Hazrath Ghous-Ul-Aazam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani(rahmatullah alaih)

Hasab wa Nasab:He was Hashmi,Asadi,Quraishi

Jadday Amjad:Hazrath Sheikh Moulana Kamaaluddin Ali Shah(rahmatullah alaih)

DOB: 27 Ramazaan Al Mubarak 566 H

Early Stages of his life:He was a born wali,when ever his Father used to recite Quran Shareef,Hazrat Bahauddin(rahmatullah alaih) used to stop drinking milk and used to listen to recitation of Quran shareef.

Education:Hazrat Ghous.Ul.Aalmin finished his Hifz along with 7 Qiraats when he was only 7 years old After his Fathers Wisaal he went to Khurasaan and studied for 2 years there,then he went to Buqara to complete his education where he earned a title of “Bahauddin Farishta” ,Later he went to Madinay Shareef to learn Hadees Mubarak from Sheikh Kamaaluddin Muhammad Yamani(rahmatullaha alaih) and stayed for 5 years in Madinay Shareef.

Tour and Travel: He travelled Kharasaan,Bukhara,Makkah Mouazama,Madinatul Munnawwara,Baitul Muqqaddas and met Sufi saints and got benefitted from them.

Bait wa Khilafat:Hazrat was Mureed and Khalifah of Sheikh ul Shuyookh HAZRAT SHAIKH SHAHABUDDIN UMAR SOHARWARDI (rahmatullah alaih) the founder of Suharwardiya Silsilah.

On the command of Huzoor Nabi Kareem(Sallalahu alaihi wa aalehe wa sallam),Hazrath Shahabuddin soharwardi (rahmatullah alaih) gifted Khilafat to Hazrath Bahauddin(rahmatullah alaih)only after 17 days of his bayt. Later Hazrath Shahabuddin Soharwardi (rahmatullah alaih) asked Hazrath Bahauddin to go towards Multan and start preaching of ISLAM over there.

His Seerat: He used to spend a simple life,used to do Zira-at and Tijarat,His langar was open to all,in the early days of his life he used to Fast consistently,used to Finish one Quran in every night.

Poetry: He was also a poet,has written a famous Manqabat of HAZRAT GHOUS.UL.AAZAM SHAIKH ABDUL QADIR MOHIYYUDIN AL.JILANI (rahmatullah alaih)

One of his Famous quote: “Salamati Jisam ki Qillat.e. Ta-aam main hai aur Salamati Rooh ki Tark.e. Anaam main hai aur Salamati Deen ki Salaat Hazrat Khair.ul.Anaam (Sallalahu alaihi wa aalehe wa sallam)main hai”.

Khulafa of Hazrat Ghous.ul.Aalmin:

Hazrat Sheikh Sadaruddin Aarif(Janasheen), Hazrat Sheikh Hassan Afghani, Hazrat Syed Osmaan Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar, Hazrat Syed Jalaaluddin Surq Bukhari, Hazrat Sheikh Fakhruddin Iraqi, Hazrat Syed Sadaruddin Ahmed (rahmatullahi taAla alaihim ajmaeen)

Sons of Hazrath: Hazrat Sheikh Sadaruddin Aarif(Janasheen),sheikh Burhaanuddin,Sheikh Ziyauddin,Sheikh Alauddin,Sheikh Shahabuddin,Sheikh Qudwatuddin,Sheikh Shamsuddin(rahmatullahi taAla alaihim ajmaeen)

Karamat: There are so many Karamaat by Hazrat Ghous.Ul.Aalmin but we are writing just one…..

When Hazrat Syed Jalaaluddin Surq Bukhari(rahmatullah alaih) came to Multan ,which was a very hot place ,he just thinked how good the weather of Bukhara was i.e. his native place,Hazrat Ghous Bahauddin Zakaria came to know of this thought of Jalaaluddin through Kashf,Hazrath Bahauddin asked his khadim(servent) to clean the floor of Mosque ,and in no time it rained heavily along with Olay(ice cubes),but it didnt rained outside the mosque,when Jalaaluddin came to Mosque to offer Zohar Namaaz,Hazrath Bahauddin Smiled at him and asked him.

“O Syed ,the ice cubes of Multan are better or the ice of Buqara”

Hazrat Jalaaluddin replied “in this case the ice cubes of Multan are much better”

Wisaal: 7 Safar 666 H

Shrine: In Multan Shareef

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