Halloween Costume Ideas for Gay Couples

Are you having trouble coming up with the perfect idea for some sexy costumes for this year’s Halloween party? Shying away from coming up with an idea for an outfit which may be difficult to find and expensive to purchase, especially if you’re working on a budget, is not a solution. However, with a little ingenuity and some help from your favorite Hollywood movies you will surely find an inexpensive option to make a great impression in your this year. Here are three great ideas perfect for a gay couple inspired by Hollywood movies, including Brokeback Mountain and 300.

Halloween Sexy Costume 1: 300’s King Leonidas

Our countdown begins with a movie that has led to dehydration for many who appreciate a fine looking man, due to all the drooling. 300 is a film that exudes complete masculinity, full of barely clothed muscular men running around in long capes and loin cloths. Does it get any better than this?

These sexy costumes would best accommodate men who make the gym their second home, making it obvious that they have something to flaunt, ergo no potbellies please. Whether gay, straight or triangular, we don’t care, a potbelly hanging out of a loin cloth is not attractive. Luckily, it is a very cheap and easy to copy outfit.

You will need:

– A long red cloak – you can be inventive and grab a red bed sheet if you don’t want to spend on a cloak;

– A loin cloth if you dare, otherwise a pair of tan colored shorts will be a great substitute;

– A blunted spear;

– A smattering of fake blood;

Halloween Costume 2: ‘s Ennis and Jack

This is a film that depicts two men sharing the same notion towards life, love, and the beauty of nature. No wonder the film took the world by storm; it’s simply the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume for the loving gay trick-or-treating couple, especially for those with a tight budget. T o give it a truly authentic feel, try adding a Wyoming drawl to your costume.

You will need:

– Cowboy hats; a lighter cream for the Ennis costume and a black one for Jack

– Plaid shirts; a light blue or pale color for Ennis and deeper, stronger colors for the more adventurous Jack;

– A pair of scuffed cowboy boots is a must and the final touch for this great Halloween costume;

Halloween Sexy Costume 3: Christian Bale’s Batman

Christian Bale, the star of American psycho who had both women and gay men drooling over a psychotic killer for the first time in Hollywood history in the scene where he chases one of his victims naked while brandishing a chainsaw, dons the highly sexy and fetish producing rubber and leather black suit of the Dark Knight. This makes the perfect sexy costume but we suggest you keep your partner close lest you be kidnapped by all your admirers. To have your partner join in the fun, consider recreating Chris O’Donnell’s Robin costume.

To recreate Batman you will need:

– A flowing black cape;

– A dark pair of fitted trousers;

– A black mask fully covering the upper face just like a skullcap with antenna like horns;

– And finally the bat signal, placed firmly on Batman’s chest.

Honestly, we could go on forever coming up with drool-worthy, sexy costumes for gay couples but we have to keep the water bill in mind, so hopefully these ideas for sexy costumes will prove sufficient to get your own creative juices flowing.

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