Hair Transplant Case Study – Following in George Clooney’s Footsteps

Ryan is an energetic, thirty-something aspiring actor, who has had a number of small roles in a few independent films. While none of the films have gotten wide distribution, Ryan has received good reviews for his work and is hoping for his big break.

With his good looks, athletic build and gregarious smile, Ryan often gets cast as the leading man or the buddy to the leading man.

In a highly competitive industry, Ryan knows he must keep one step ahead of the competition. He kickboxes, studies martial arts, runs a few times a week and watches his diet. He regularly takes acting and singing classes to improve his skills.

When he started experiencing typical male pattern baldness in his late 20s, Ryan knew he had to do something about it, because since Yul Brenner, there hadn’t been too many bald leading men. Says Ryan, -I’d love to be in a feature film and play the roles that go to George Clooney or Brad Pitt. They are my role models and I am lucky to be honing my skills in a craft that I love and one in which I look forward to going to work each day.-

Always a go-getter, once Ryan makes up his mind to do something, he gives it 100%. When Ryan saw a late-night infomercial for a hair restoration clinic offering hair transplants, he dialed their number the first thing in the morning and scheduled an appointment.

It was a large, nationally known enterprise, and Ryan made an appointment that day for a consult for a hair transplant.

Although the doctor wasn’t available, (a red flag) Ryan met with one of the sales staff who showed him lots of before and after photos of impressive results. He felt some sales pressure to commit on the spot and although something in the back of his mind was urging him to wait and do some comparison shopping, he succumbed to the pressure and signed on the bottom line (another red flag). Unfortunately for Ryan, the procedure did not go as well as promised. The doctor (who he finally met that morning) had a number of similar procedures scheduled for the same time and was busy running back and forth from room to room (need I say it – red flag.

Ryan was disappointed that he did not command the doctor’s full attention and didn’t know that this is something he should have expected.

Ryan left the office with some painkillers and instructions on how to care for his new grafts. He was not able to sleep that night due to discomfort with the stitches and woke up with swelling and numbness in the area.

Apparently, when the doctor sutured his scar, he pulled the skin on his scalp too tight causing an uncomfortable sensation that lasted for two months. In addition to the discomfort, Ryan was dismayed to see a large, visible and raised scar on his scalp and had to style his hair in a way to camouflage the scar.

To add insult to injury, he says, “After six months of anticipating my new hair growth, I barely noticed any difference in my hairline. None of the promises I heard during the sales pitch came true. The fullness and density I was promised has not been realized. I was promised a re-designed front hairline that would re-frame my face, but the hairline goes straight across my forehead in a very unnatural look. How can I be a leading man with an artificial hairline?-

Not one to give up easily, Ryan continued in his quest for hair and a more natural, undetectable result and this time had a much more satisfactory and rewarding result.

By doing his due-diligence and having the benefit of his prior experiences, Ryan was more attuned to what he needed and how to pay attention to those red flags. By choosing the right doctor and requesting state-of-the art techniques, such as micro-grafting and follicular unit transplantation, Ryan had his hairline changed dramatically and more significantly than in the prior procedure and with almost no discomfort or inflammation.

Disappointed, frustrated and angry at the poor results he attained in the first surgery, Ryan was amazed to discover that during his second procedure, he had no ill side-effects, no bleeding or swelling, no tightness in the scalp, no ingrown hairs and best of all, very minimal scarring. And, he was happy with his much-improved hairline and density.

How to explain the disparity of results in two similar procedures?

Ryan discovered that it’s important to choose the right doctor and team. Do your research and discuss your expectations with the physician. Research his background and expertise, experience and technique, his artistry and inquire about his ability to create a soft, natural and completely undetectable hairline.

Talk to experts and others who have had the procedure performed, make sure you meet the doctor prior to the procedure and make sure you will be his only patient that day.

Thanks to Ryan’s perseverance and diligence, he learned from his mistakes and was able to achieve the results he desired.

With his newly redesigned hairline that is virtually undetectable even to his own hairdresser, and new fullness on the sides and crown of his head, Ryan is ready for his close-up and ready to give George Clooney and his hair a run for his money.

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