Hair Drug Test Kit – The Best Drug Testing Kit

It is true that long and thick hair is a sign of having good health. When a person follows a good diet routine, it shows off in the way of strong hair, good skin and physical strength. Strong hair not only makes us look good, but also helps us to detect drugs. This might surprise you, but yes its true, as drug testing on hair is possible. In this new era, there comes one more way of tracing abused drugs in individuals. Drug test for hair detects drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, etc.

In fact, it is a trusted method of testing drugs in individual. It is the most accurate sampling method, as it gives the history of drugs for up to 3 months. Drug test on hair has helped many parents to monitor their kids’ drug abuse habits.

It Is More Effective Than Drug Testing By Urine:

Drug test on hair is more effective and accurate as compared to drug test by urine sampling. The kit is handy and includes instructions on how to obtain specimens of hair and how to evaluate it and send to the laboratory. This technique of drug testing has made it easy for employers and schools to detect drugs in their employees and students.

How Does It Work?

As per the studies, if a person consumes drug as with some other substances like drinks, food or medicines, it is mixed with the blood. Blood runs through all parts of our body as well as our head and therefore, when hair grows, these drugs can be traced in it. This helps to conduct drug test on hair.

Drug Test for Hair Kits:

There are many handy kits for drug test on hair. Drug test for hair is further categorized as 8 panel hair drug test kit and 8 panel hair drug test kit with expanded opiate test kit. Using hair as sample, the drug is detected and therefore, it does not invade the privacy of the person. Drug test for hair can trace drugs like methamphetamines, morphine, cocaine, codeine, amphetamines, marijuana, etc. However, frequency of marijuana abuse cannot be traced. Drug test by hair sampling is expansive when compared with urine or oral drug testing.

Benefits of Hair Drug Testing:

More accurate as compared to urine and saliva test It traces abused drugs in hair quickly. Drug test on hair can also trace drugs consumed over the past 90 days.

It is impossible to beat the drug testing on hair. Some people say that one can pass the drug test by shampooing his/her hair, but it is not correct. After consuming drugs its toxins become part of your hair follicle and it is not possible to wash it off by just shampoo. Even shaving off the hair is a bad idea, as your drug history will come back with the growth of your hair.

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