Hack System Rating of Home windows 8 Consumer Preview to 9.9

This isn’t real but simply a hack to modify your system subscore.You will find some steps to utilize by which you’ll improve your Vista ,win7 & Home windows 8 Consumer Preview system subscore to anything.It’s really a hack to obtain a better look..


To modify your system score stick to the simple steps:

1.Open My Computer and navigate to- C:>>Windows>>Performance>>WinSAT>>DataStore

2.Search for the most recent XML file “Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT”

3.Copy that xml file for your desktop.

4.Open the replicated XML with Word Pad.

5.Search for the lines which has amounts like 5.3 or 2.7.

6.Now alter the amounts between your with anything then save it.!!

7.Now go and remove the initial xml file &

8.Copy the edited someone to the information Store folder.

That’s all…!!

To determine the modification open Control Panel>>Performance Information and Tools.

Note: There’s a restriction for that scores, to five.9 in Vista, 7.9 in Win 7 & 9.9 in Win 8.So, don’t choose the score a lot more than the limit otherwise everybody Will arrived at know that it’s fake….

Do tell us & tell us as to the score you will transition.

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