Gym Floor Covering – Protecting The Gym Floor During Non-Athletic Activities

Gym floors are delicate things that need to be protected when the gym floor is not used for proper sporting activities such as social gatherings, award ceremonies or anything else that needs a wide open space to take place. Gym floors are also used for social gatherings that do not necessarily involve the school authorities in the matter. For instance, school gym floors are hired and used for fund raisers, political rallies and what not. It is necessary to protect the delicate surface of the wooden floor from hundreds of people trampling over the surface with their dress shoes and pencil heels.

Pluses of Gym Floor Covering

Gym floor coverings have more benefits and here are some more that might convince you, read them:

1. Protect the wood from accidental liquid spills. 2. Protect it from accidental fires (such as matchsticks) 3. Protect from scratches that might be brought about by sand/gravel in footwear 4. Shield it against the dust 5. Prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria on the gym floor

Despite what people think, gym floor covering can actually make the atmosphere very appropriate for the occasion. If you look for gym floor covers at an established manufacturer, you will find these in many different colours, hopefully in your school’s colour too.

How To Install Gym Floor Covering?

It is advisable to purchase gym floor covering in pieces rather than buying it in one large piece. Large single piece covers are very heavy and hard to manage. Removing large covers off the ground or laying them requires more than one person. Instead, look for smaller pieces that meet together at edges, these are easier to lay and roll away when the job is done.

While laying the cover on the floor, lay them in pieces and make sure that they are all evenly laid out without kinks or folds in between. Creases that form in gym floor covering can create tripping hazards. Once the pieces are all in place, join them using high quality gym cover tapes. If possible, do not buy cheap tapes that leave adhesive traces on the covering pieces and attract dust.

Gym floor covering are available at all gym supplies stores as well as online.

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