Gym Equipment V-fit AR2 Tempest Air Rowing Machine Review

Gym Equipment: V-fit AR2 Tempest Air Rowing Machine Analysis

When you consider all the various pieces of gym equipment available right now, it might be hard figuring out which one you may want. Steppers, treadmills, ellipticals — all have their pros and cons. Rowers are ne particular machine many people tend t overlook. Lots of cardiovascular benefits and other advantages can come from working out with a rowing machine. Rowing machines help build up strength in the muscles of both your upper and lower body. You will burn off more calories in building up lean muscles. So, if your fitness goal is weight loss, working out on a rower is a good choice. As a matter of fact, you could see results in burning calories within a five to ten minute period once you’ve begun you workout. If you wish to achieve a stronger core as well as stronger arms, thighs, and back muscles, then natural rowing motion will do the trick. Ahead is information regarding an economically priced rowing machine made by V-fit, called the AR2

Gym Equipment: Key Features of the V-fit AR2 Tempest Air Rowing Machine

This happens to be a reasonably-priced, starter-level piece of gym equipment. Strong oblong tubular steel is what the 300 AR2 Tempest is made of. Its rowing rail is made from square steel and features a high-chromed finish. This rower includes transport wheels on its front frame end caps, making it easier to move, plus the main frame folds for easy storage. Because of rear frame support caps, the rower will sit flat. The frame has a durable chip resistant epoxy powder coated finish in an attractive silver colour. Your rowing machine has a rowing arm which is a single 25mm bar that has high-density foam padded grips and includes single gym-style chain rowing action. There is a 12-fan, 50cm resistance system. Additionally, there is a seal 20-roller free-wheel bearing that has a multi-strand, high-resistance composite return cord. The resistance is proportionate to its speed.

Gym Equipment: More Details Regarding the V-fit AR2 Tempest Air Rowing Machine

The AR 2 Tempest seat is designed in an ergonomic fashion. The seat material is expanded polyurethane foam and the seat is black in colour. The seat carriage is crafted from pressed mild steel and has a composite nylon-covered bearing. There also are upper and lower seat rollers, along with an adjustment for the seat’s glide. There are adjustable Velcro hook and loop fastening straps fitted onto the oversized black footplates. A few of the vital workout factors featured on the AR2 display console are strokes per minute, theoretical calories burned, time, speed and distance. The display features 3 screens as well as 6 total functions. The rower’s assembled dimensions are 200 x 52 x 77.5cm (L x W x H) and it weighs 28.5kg.

A workout with gym equipment such as the V-fit AR2 Tempest air rowing machine gives you a revitalizing workout for the whole body, plus a stronger cardiovascular system. This inexpensive machine is very much recommended!

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