Guys Who Can’t Pick Up Girls – A 21st Century Observation

Famous pickup artists like Mystery and Style have been around for many years but even today blogs, forums and Yahoo answers are filled with questions from desperate boys/men who can’t find a girlfriend. Some of them are in their early 20s while others are in their mid 30s. Interestingly, what connects these men together is their unmatchable inability to impress the opposite sex. In the 21st-century, one industry was born that reaped the benefits of men’s desperation to find women, and this was none other than the so called PUA – Pick Up Artist – industry. Markets were flooded with materials such as CDs, membership forums, books and workshops from them. Each one of them claims that they can make you the -Lover Boy’ with their program. Why would a 21st-century observation on guys that can’t pick up girls be any different from those observations in the past? Well, it is for one reason: in the 20th or previous century, there weren’t as many love teachers or love teaching systems as we have today.

Some Reasons Behind Your Inability To Get A Girl Let’s start with some self-criticism. If you’re the kind of guy who can’t pick up a girl under any circumstances, chances are that you are extremely shy. You are shy because you’re not confident. There are many tips that will help you to improve your confidence. To begin with, consider grooming yourself into a better look by changing your hairstyle and the way you dress. Believe me; this can work magic on your appearance and the ability to attract girls. If you are quite not certain how to do this, consider getting the help of a stylist. You need to understand that girls are just like any other human being. It is undeniable that girls and boys have different perceptions about relationship, sex and romance, but this difference is definitely not poles apart.

If you can openly express yourself to a girl, she will understand you because nature has programmed a girl to understand the opposite sex as it is. The last thing is to overcome your fear of approaching a girl and talking to her. Make sure to gain the courage of doing this more often, so before you even realize it; you will start having healthy conversations with different girls.

Why Do Pick Up Artists Succeed? Though it’s debatable, Mystery is considered as the most successful pickup artist and even his success rate with women is around 30%. Out of every 100 girls he meets, only 30 of them shows any interest in him. Chances are that he is very choosy on whom to approach, but even his careful assessment can’t give him a success rate over 50.

So what’s the real secret behind winning a girl? It’s the art of actually picking up your chair, getting close to her and starting a conversation. By doing this more regular than you used to, you’re definitely going to succeed with a few girls. If you are still struggling to find a partner in your life, you need to understand that you haven’t tried hard and it’s as simple as that.

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